A few problems with getting from 3rd back to 2nd sort of dominated the day, but what a good day. An Indian Summer indeed with 0 degrees welcoming me after a very pleasant hours drive up from Herefordshire. The track was laid up with some quick bits and an adverse camber corner that I didn’t master all day. Abbeycwmhir isn’t Mark’s favourite track, Alan was focusing on hare-and-hounds and Kevin still recovering from his Narberth injury (though went clean at a Bath Classic trail last weekend).

Practice was ‘interesting’ with a healthy covering of grass covering all of the track, which was 50% more than the sun was covering. Slippery with a couple of mud patches, I managed 8 laps in two sessions and was thinking this can only get better (which luckily it did).

With 4 British Championship races (15 minutes + a lap) it made a change to watch a longer race rather than the 4 lap ‘sprints’. And some good racing too, with some all action starts.

1973 YZ125A, with grass

My first race ended up with me over cooking it on an innocent looking corner and going over the bars (all caught on the helmet cam, which survived). I managed to get going and overtake a couple of people, which was good.

Better starts in races 2 and 3, but missed a few gears, especially changing down from 3rd and this mean I lost ground. As per the end of the third race was beginning to string it together, and was thinking about moving on the bike a bit better (well thinking anyway).

Apart from munching gear changes, the bike seemed to be performing well again (just like Llanthony the previous weekend ) and pulling like a train from the starts. Again just the rider to sort out, and maybe need to revisit my right wrist which was still suffering from the effects of an Mazda RX8.

End of the scramble season for me and I’ll do a review in another article

End of the season

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