Shaky shakedown

Not been to a local club trial in East South Wales centre for a while and my last Gwent trial was my last on my 2003 Beta Rev3, when I’d looped it on a climb somewhere near Usk.

Mark picked me up, running a little late, but the Beta nearly didn’t make it, trying to make a bid for freedom off the trailer near St Weonards. Luckily mark noticed that it was leaning at 90 degrees across the wheel in time. First 5 of the day.

Venue was Cottage Farm at Rockfield and a pretty good turnout for a local trial, with Mark’s KT250 and my Beta the only twinshocks along with one pre65 bike. 11 sections laid out in the gullies and woods, which we decided to take the easy route (not a bad choice to be honest for the first trial in 9 months).

Took a dab on the first sub and managed to poke my way round okay, with the usual silly 5’s (wrong gear etc) as well as the exit of Section 10 getting more and more slippy as the day went on. The only other section not cleaned was Section 7, the 2nd half of a double sub. Mark managed an excellent clean (caught on the helmet cam) whilst my best was a last lap dab.

Trial Completed

Good weather and the chance to catch up with a couple of people not seen in ages. All in all, good fun, though nothing beats a ‘proper’ road trial with classic bikes and sections. Lining up the Classic Experts as the next trials day out.

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