Ethanol in fuel means goo

Its got to be down to the high ethanol content in the 97 RON rate fuel thats been in the tank recently, which I think has a higher ethanol content to boost the Octane rating. The seam of the tank has failed and there were strips of down-stuff in the tank (a new feature!).

Its been widely reported as a problem and for people with classic tanks that need preserving there are some liners, including one from Caswell’s .


I’d read about it, but not seen any signs of of problems before this week. Interestingly the tank seems to be failing by delaminating and there was no goo or muck in the carb which I’d cleaned out.

I’ve managed to repair the tank (for now) with some two-part araldite like adhesive. I’ve left some petrol in the tank overnight and will check if it is still solid tomorrow. Will then drain the tank before the weekend and top up on the day of the event. I do have the original plastic tank for the Beta, but it is not only big, its not in a good state and I’ll need to re-adjust the seat fitting.


The rest of the bike seemed okay and though the bike is looking a little ‘tired’ after 3 years of trials, it still goes well. I replaced the airbox with a spare I had, as there were some gaps between the two sections where the riveting had moved.

The carb was clean, though I used the air line to check this was the case. I also reseated the exhaust, as it was blowing slightly after the Gwent trial a couple of weeks back.

Really a bit annoyed about the fuel tank, as I should have drained it on a regular basis, as I had read about problems. You never think that it could affect you also.

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