Gutted !

It seems that Classic Experts trials action isn’t going to make it to ITV (and there won’t be 250 quid to out drinking with).

Dear Home Video Maker


Clip Reference Number : W1976425
Clip Title : Tredegar Twinshocks in Action

Thank you for sending in your home video clip.

Unfortunately, we are unable to use your clip in our programme.

Please note, due to the very high volume of clips sent to the programme every year, I am afraid we are unable to give you a specific reason for not accepting your clip. Please don’t be put off, and if you have any other clips that you think we might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to send them to us. Remember you could receive £250 if we use your clip in one of our programmes

Thank you again for your interest in the programme and taking the time to submit your clip to us.

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