KTM 950 Adventure Parts for sale

The bike was a black 2004 950 KTM carb model. The following parts are available

|Airbox|complete, with triangle side panels and a relatively (4k miles) new filter|£40|
|Bash plate|with plastic side panels, has small crack hence|£20|
|Brake master cylinder|With straight lever|SOLD|
|Battery box| including rubber for battery|£20|
|Battery box cover|both threads still intact|£35|
|Centre Stand|complete|SOLD|
|Console|complete with mounting frame|SOLD|
|Clutch slave cylinder|2008 replacement and improvement of original fitment|SOLD|
|Compartment Cover|for top compartment between fuel tank, some marks, not perfect|£10|
|Compartment tray|inside compartment liner|£10|
|CDI|Working and intact|SOLD|
|Engine Mounting Arms|Left and Right with bolts|£30|
|Exhaust pipe front header|some surface rust, but good condition|SOLD|
|Exhaust pipe rear| good condition|SOLD|
|Expansion tank|No leaks and complete|£20|
|Front Brake Calipers|Brembo with pads, okay condition|£30|
|Front sprocket cover|Good condition, with plenty of chain lube|£30|
|Front airduct|OK condition|£10|
|Front forks and yokes|Pair, but badly damaged, for components only|Offers|
|Fuel pump|including hoses (if needed)|SOLD|
|Fuel tank LHS|Nearside fuel tank, intact but bad scrape from crash impact|£40|
|Fuel tank RHS|Offside fuel tank, good condition|SOLD|
|Fuse Holder|Main fuse and relays|£10|
|Gear change level|Undamaged|SOLD|
|Handlebars|Renthal far bars, straight|SOLD|
|Handlebar clamps|Sorted and fine|SOLD|
|Ignition Coils/Plug Caps|Good working condition|£10|
|Number plate holder|black with reflector|£10|
|Pillion footrests|Left and Right|£15 each|
|Rear brake master cylinder|Factory replacement in 2009, warranty/recall item, with sensor and brake cable|SOLD|
|Rear brake caliper|Good condition|SOLD|
|Rear subframe|Dirty, but complete and undamaged|£50|
|Rear wheel|Complete with disk (plenty of wear), sprocket and a 50% worn Pirelli Scorpion|SOLD|
|Rear brake lever|undamaged, good condition|SOLD|
|Rear wheel spindle| with adjusters and nuts|£20|
|Regulator|working, with connectors|SOLD|
|Side Panels|Left and right, black with orange decals, 2004 model|SOLD|
|Switch gear, LH|Working|SOLD|
|Swingarm Bolt|good condition|£10|
|Swingarm|Plastic chainguard broken, but good condition|SOLD|
|Tail Light Unit|Undamaged, with lighting wires and connector|£40|
|Throttle Cable|complete|SOLD|
|Wiring Loom|complete, with fuse board, horn etc attached|SOLD|

All prices are exclusive of postage, please give me a call or email to work out delivery or collection

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