Honda TL125 / XR200 ‘Metisse’

The frame was been modified, but done pretty well, with some decent laid down shocks and some frame mods to increase the clearance. Overall the mods do a lot to overcome some of the TL125 issues without the expense of a high-boy frame.

Honda TL / XR

The engine is from an XR200 (engine number confirms this) and pulls well (overcoming a lot of the 125 issues). First and second gears are low enough, though it hasn’t the close ratio of a TL125.

Sounds great, with a well built exhaust and goes well, with a good riding position for these bikes. The front forks have been uprated which also helps a lot for the average weight rider.

TL / XR bike

Call Malcolm on 07720 079845. A reasonable GBP 750.00. There’s a YouTube clip with the bike in action.

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