Yamaha TY250, another one

I’d reluctantly sold the Beta TR240 , but made a decision to consolidate the workshop a bit and with the focus on Yamaha’s continuing decided to buy a 1974 Yamaha from ebay.

Part of the reasoning was to get something that would do Long(er) Distance trials and that therefore had the lighting kit and was a bit better on the longer distance.

Yamaha TY250

Engine runs fine, its all complete, but will need checking over. Has the original controls and lights, which is nice. The shocks are probably a bit past their best and the rear tyre is old and will need a new front also.


Will do some fiddling with the bike later in the month as work and the SC500 project will get priority.

Beta TR240, sadly has..gone

Its a Beta TR240, circa 1983, and it has a 200cc reed valve engine. It’s been a brilliant bike and I’ve lost a lot less marks on this than on the SWMs I’ve had. More modern riding position, a great engine and loads of grip. The bike is road registered on a ‘B’ plate.

I bought the bike three years ago from my namesake, who had done some restoration work on the frame and cycle parts. The previous owner had had the engine rebuild by BVM and neither Malcolm nor I have really touched it. The only thing that I’ve done is replace the kickstart shaft with a better one I had in the spares collection.

Speaking of spares, the bike comes with an extensive set of spares (which are listed on the site), including a replacement engine and engine parts. There also parts from other early Beta’s in the collection. I’ve sold some of these over the last two years to other Beta twinshock owners and restorers. But what this means that the concerns potential owners may have over spares and the lack of them are therefore non-existent. I would like to sell this as a package.

The only problem with the bike, is that the Sammy Miller tank on the bike (which is chopped TY250 tank and seat unit) has been got at by ethanol. I’ve filled it with Aradite, but it really needs switching back to the original Acerbis plastic tank (which is included) or replacing with a Sammy Miller or Shedworks tank that fits. It also has a modified TY250 end can, which made a considerable different when i fitted it.

I also have a source for a complete set of replacement graphics for around £30.00 if you want to go for the concours, front-room positioning replacement

Please give me a call on 07720 079845 or email me on malcolm@hungerstone.net and I’m open to serious offers. I need the space, and also the funds at the moment.



SC500 Ignition and Electrics

I’d spoken to Rex and Debb before Christmas and they’d kindly put the relevant electronics in the post. Seems the technology had moved on (a lot) since 1973.

The charging coil now doubles up as the trigger, so its a case of just of connected one end of the coil to the earth on the stator plate and connect the other to the spade connector on the ignition coil. I’d got the grinder out and ensure a good earth for the coil, and got it to fit to one of the existing mount points (this will need further tidying when I get a spark).

Ignition system in bike

Using the meter, I check for continuity from one of the charging coil connectors to earth and then from the other to the ignition coil. All ok. I then checked for earth continuity from the ignition coil to the engine, which was also good.

As the charging coil is also the trigger, its rotational location under the flywheel is going to be important and need to work on this, as currently not getting a spark. There is voltage from charging coil to ignition coil but need to see what is expected.

Ignition Coil

Charging coil / trigger

The one connector on the coil had come away slightly from the coil, so I’d passed a cable tie round to hold it in place. There’s not a lot of room under the flywheel and I may have knocked it after the initial soldering of the wires.

More research and information and hopefully we’ll get a spark. Electrics are not my forte, but on a bike like this they should be pretty straightforward.

Herefordshire Classic Trials Club: New Year Trial

The weather had also wiped out the Boxing Day and thereabouts fixtures, so keen to get the newly acquired Yamaha TY150 out for a trial. Clyro is an excellent venue at temperatures above -2, and so it proved to be. Less than 30 entries, but all twinshocks and a good pre65 entry (there seem to be a lot of Bantam’s emerging).

Honda ?

The trial was set out on the easy side, which was nice, so chose the Standard over the Alternative route. Well organised and run by the guys from HCTC and look forward to their next trial.

You can bring/ride anything twinshock/pre65

The TY250 is a big bike and unlike the much smaller TY175 . The engine has a lot of grunt and the bigger, longer bike is much easier to ride up the stream sections. It isn’t as good in the tight corners, but it grips for Japan. It rides like the Beta but with a bigger engine. For a stock 1978 bike I’m impressed and to some extent the whole Majesty hype does make some sense.

Mr Pitt eager and ready for the start

The sections were as follows, with some variations to the usual theme.

|Section 1 | next to the usual big gully, nice climb up through trees and roots. |
|Section 2 | the middle part of the right hand stream, up the large solid rock section. Sheet ice in November and now a little more hospitable. |
|Section 3 | the first part of the main stream section. The step and above a little tricker than in previous years. |
|Section 4 | the second part of the stream, with the step/corner, which is a little easier |
|Section 5 | starting in the stream and then looping out left up and round trees, before descending back to the stream|
|Section 6 | top section of the stream, with the end cards a quarter of the way up the bank to the top track|
|Section 7 | short new section, back down at the very bottom of the stream, with a turn out right to the end cards |
|Section 8 | back at the bottom of the woods, muddy tight turns and the trickiest section of the day|
|Section 9 | more turns and banks, with an awkward exit out round a tree and across a large stone|
|Section 10| stream gully on the left as you come into the wood, bottom part only|

Section 8 was my nemesis, with 5’s and 3’s each lap and it was a section that got harder. Section 9 was also tricky, but managed a surprising clean on lap 2 and 3. Managed to clean all the others and Sections 1,2,4,5,6 and 9 each lap. Rode round with Kevin (on the Gripper) and Terry (on a TY175 Whitehawk) and like Gwent Classic stylee self marking the sections, riding as groups. For a fun trial, and a classic event, this approach works well.

Section 1

Section 2

The camera was low on battery, so managed only to take a couple of shots, so apologies there.

Great trial at a really good venue. Will do more to publicise the next event there.

The results were as follows:

|Andrew Carter|A|1|E|39|27|4|5|4
Malcolm Herbert A 2 E 21 32 1 3 3 1
John Jacka S 3 D DNF 11 2 3 3 1
Rob Jones A 4 E DNF 33 2 2 1
Rupert Morgan A 5 A DNF 4 2 2 3 3
Ben Wear S 6 A 22 28 8 2 2
Alan Wear S 7 D 37 26 4 3 4 3
Nige Townsend A 8 D 54 20 6 2 8 4
Fred Clutterbuck A 9 C DNF 1 1
Dave Arkell S 10 D 65 17 9 2 4 8
Nick Woolley S 11 D 7 35 3 2
Pete Collins S 12 B 40 22 9 4 1 4
Andy Pitt S 14 E 9 35 4 1
Clive Smith A 15 E 34 25 7 1 5 2
Andy Morgan A 16 F 45 22 7 3 4 4
Malcolm Herbert S 17 E 18 31 4 1 4
Aled Jones S 18 D 3 38 1 1
Keith Gardner S 19 A 1 39 1
Jeremy Atkinson A 20 E DNF NO CARD HANDED IN
Paul Farley S 21 A 33 23 8 4 4 1
Kevin Pettit S 22 E 17 31 3 4 2
Terry Watkins S 23 E 43 25 3 2 7 3
Kelvin Varney A 24 E 23 29 6 2 1 2