Police forces strapped for cash ?

These have been all whilst driving the van:
– doing 60 mph on the A40 dualed section near Brecon, charged with excess speed for class of vehicle. My van is classed as diesel car, so wrote to Dyfed Powys Police’s nominated ‘safety’ unit (in South Wales) to point this out. They withdrew the NIP and said the matter would be taken no further.
– 34 mph in a 30 mph zone in Lea, Herefordshire and I have now the opportunity of attending a ‘safety’ session run by TTC, rather than paying the £60.00 fine. However, the course for West Mercia Police costs £81.00 (its only £61.00 for West Midlands Police ?). They also state on the notice that the courses are held in Hereford, however this seems somewhere between Ledbury and Bromyard and only 2 possible days in the next two months. I’m now doing the course on 23Feb in Ludlow, but thinking about writing to West Mercia as well. I’ve not done one of these courses, but hopefully it will be useful.
– Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (ie Sussex Police) have also sent me a NIP for speeding in a 40 mph; again a static camera but on a road I’ve never driven before (and unlikely to again). Could actually be points this time, but I want to look at the potential details for prosecution before writing to them again.

Whilst this could be money making, I’m not sure the £80 would cover the cost of the processing and admin, but its interesting that suddenly I’m a speeding lunatic (I’ve actually slowed down to save fuel) and I’ve not even been on the bike.

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