Clyro Scramble 27th March 2011

The pending excitement meant I was up earlier and waking up the other members of the team….Over to Clyro for 08h30, with some of the Tredegar contingent already in place. Put up the new gazebo, acquired from the Gazebo Shop , which rather than looking more professional meant we could distribute the crap we had around a wider area.

Big queue at signing on also indicated that people were keen for the new season. Walk of the track confirmed that it was similar to last year, but with the added bonus of a better spectator area where you could view a lot of the track. For the first time, I’d brought two bikes along, the Yamaha’s MX250 and SC500 , the latter only completed on Saturday.

Also nice to see another MX, with Chris Kent on his MX360 coming along. It was looking smart though as he admitted running on the original 70’s tyres may not make him too competitive.

Result of Wade's practice off

First out on the SC500 for practice and after a bit of a wait whilst waiting for a couple of marshalls, it was on the start line. Track was a bit slippery whilst the grass was still on top, so I took it a little easy on the beast. The bike seemed to be going really well, though I was taking some time to get into the groove.

Alan getting some pre-race exercise

Back to the paddock. Alan was still trying to start the XR500, which with assistance of Graham, got running after realising it had a blocked fuel filter. Then swapped to the MX250 and out for a session; the 250 felt a lot lighter and a damn sight easier to ride than the 500. Got some good speed on the bike and felt really confident.

Got an okay start in the first race (avoiding the looping bike next door) and managed to slip through a couple of places on the second corner. Good race and (by my calculation) had 10 or so riders behind me from the 25 or so on the start. However, Graham had failed to start the SC500 for the next race and bike had absolutely no spark, which was a bit of a disappointment after getting it running and having a good blast in practice. Ah, the benefits of two bikes gave me at least one to ride.

Start of twinshock race1

The first twinshock race saw Steve on his 1976 Maico have a poor start, which had the consequence of him making a fairly ambitious move on Mark on lap2, which saw both of them on the deck and Mark nursing a sore shoulder for the rest of the day. Wade had another off (following on from the bar-bending one in practice) but was looking good on the Yamaha YZ490.

Mark nursing the race 1 injury

The day was a cold one, but a race was a good way of warming up. The second pre-74 race saw me have another okay start and getting more confident on the bike and chucking it into the corners more. Also, was keeping the power on the bike (ie right gear) and managing to get down from 3rd->2nd without missing the gear. The only problem was the spark plug, which popped out on lap 2, and which meant I didn’t really finish the race.

Malcolm and race 2

The twinshock contingent did a bit of bike swapping for races 2 and 3, with lots of glowing reports of the XR500, though it was interesting listening to Alan and Mike explaining to Wade on how to ride a 4 stroke and getting the power from it….

Wade on the YZ

Race 3 for the pre74 saw me have the worst start of the day and coming across three riders scattered across the start line on lap 2. Managed to avoid 2 of them, but hit the third, losing a few places. Managed to get a couple of places back before the finish, taking a couple of guys on the last corner….

Steve and his Maico

Decided to race the Grandslam at the end also, in which the bike went well, but I found myself getting a little tired towards the end (again maybe more training required ?)

Pleased not to be lapped all day (unlike several races last year) and happy with the bike and my riding…. Great day and track and viewing better from the previous year. Thanks to Graham in the pits and Sophie for the photos (will put some more up on during the next few days.

Mark and the Cappra

Dave Gittings has the results and will look to see if I can get these up on the page at some point in the near future.

Mike on the XR500

Alan on the XL/XR350

Pre75 <250 race3

Mark in Race 3

Mike (711) on the YZ

SC500, finished project ?

Work (and some pleasure) had limited the amount of shed-time on the SC500. Both myself and Gavin had had problems getting the bike to run on the ignition components we’d had from Rex Caunt Racing . Debbs had sent to some replacement coils to the other Malcolm Herbert in Hereford, but something more fundamental was going on here. Speaking to Rex, moved to the designed for TY ignition and so spent a morning with him and his workshop fitting a new charging coil and getting it set up correctly.

The bike ran and managed to fill the corridor outside the workshop with smoke and back in Herefordshire managed to complete the bike in the 2 days I had before the first race of the year at Clyro.

Finishing touches

So, to run through the work on the bike and what I’d done with it during the 5 month period of restoration;

|Bars|Renthal Desert Bars, sourced from LG Racing in Pontrilas|
|Controls|Domino levers and a Gasser throttle, the latter from Motolink |
|Wheels|these are original and didn’t need respoking, just tightening|
|Tyres|Golden Tyre set, 100/100 R18’s on the rear, not too big in terms of profile|
|Plastics|Though the side panels are original and good condition, the mudguards were not so good. Replacement grey (rather than silver) from DC Plastics |
|Carb|The original Mikuni VM38 was badly worn, so decided to replace. Could have got a replacement from Allens Performance , but went for Dell’Orto equivalent from Eurocarb -> |
|Engine spares| Seals from Motolink, with the bearings sourced locally in Hereford. New piston and ring (original bore) came from North West Vintage Cycle Parts -> |
|Ignition | From Rex Caunt Racing, see above and other articles|
|Exhaust|Original unit, though considering Circle F replacement at some point|
|Rear Shocks|These are 340mm units from [Rock Shocks -> ] |

In terms of work on the bike, the frame has been cleaned up and resprayed in Hammerite Satin, along with the swing arm and bash plate. The forks were in good condition and unlike the MX250 project they didn’t need rechroming.

Completed and running (for now)

Smaller version of this image

The engine rebuild was straightforward and I removed the balancer shaft during the rebuild (this doesn’t seem to have much of a negative impact with engine vibration). The gasket set was found on ebay. The main problem is a pretty screwed flywheel / rotor nut, which was a bit mangled and needs replacement. The barrel was on the original bore, though the piston in the bike had a chunk missing out of it. New piston and ring along with a honed barrel did the trick on the rebuild.

And does it go ? I can’t get it out of 2nd gear in my small field.

If its not speeding; its parking ??

If it’s not Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPs) then its parking tickets. Today’s was for parking the bike ‘not in a designated bay’ in Broad Street in Hereford. Nice sunny day and a quick trip into town to go to the bank.

Okay, by the definition I can see they have a point, except that:
– there were three other bikes further up Broad Street, outside of the library, parked on a hashed area, but without tickets
– the small bike parking area in West Street was full, it nearly always is on a weekday
– the overall lack of bike parking spaces; there is one in St Martin’s Street car park and I think there are spaces in the bus station

What can i say, except ah well, another round of emails coming up.

Parking on Broad Stree

Also parking on hashed lines...

West Street bike parking