If its not speeding; its parking ??

If it’s not Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPs) then its parking tickets. Today’s was for parking the bike ‘not in a designated bay’ in Broad Street in Hereford. Nice sunny day and a quick trip into town to go to the bank.

Okay, by the definition I can see they have a point, except that:
– there were three other bikes further up Broad Street, outside of the library, parked on a hashed area, but without tickets
– the small bike parking area in West Street was full, it nearly always is on a weekday
– the overall lack of bike parking spaces; there is one in St Martin’s Street car park and I think there are spaces in the bus station

What can i say, except ah well, another round of emails coming up.

Parking on Broad Stree

Also parking on hashed lines...

West Street bike parking

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