YZ250 strip

There were some obvious problems to be resolved:
– the rear wheel rim is cracked
– plastics need to be replaced
– clean up and possibly repair the petrol tank
– gear selection problems (doesn’t stay in neutral) and engine rebuild

Ready to be dismantled

The strip revealed a few other interesting things:
– the rear frame loop seems to be an ‘aftermarket’ bodge with a nice strip of aluminium bolted to the plastic
– an interesting spattering of 11mm bolts, along with the ‘normal’ 12 and 13mm selection.
– the ding in the exhaust was sizeable but tolerably. The end can was a Supertrap, probably off some four-stroke Honda.

Yamaha went monoshock in 1975

Took a couple of hours to strip the bike, taking photos and notes as I went. Managed to pick up a Clymer manual and wasn’t planning to strip the engine just yet.

Ordered some spares (like cables, bearings, seals and gaskets) from Keith Alderman at Motolink.


The wheel rim was going to be more of a problem that I thought as it seems not only are Central Wheels busy people, they seem to have a bit of a monopoly on the supply of rims, spokes and in particular drilling rims. Replacement Morad rim ordered, but there is a 4 week (minimum) wait for drilling and delivery.

CDI connectors

Rebuilding starts here.

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