MC Lille, motocross not DJ

The MC Lille club has an impressive facility and an interesting track tucked into a small area of ground. It’s located in the sandy part of Belgium and thats the first thing you notice about the track, some big berms and some big jumps.

Nice, and did well in the evo class !

For their normal club meets they run two ‘classic’ races, for twinshocks, pre65 etc and one for pre90 (eg Evo class). Interesting selection of pre65 (Matchless, BSA and a couple of early CZ’s), some pre72 and twinshock bikes (Yamaha’s etc) but its not classic racing per se (this was actually on Saturday at Koningshooikt). The races are 12 minutes +2 laps, so a bit more tiring that the Welsh scrambles.

A mixed bag on the classic pre79 line

Some good races, though the jumps make it interesting (!) and the modern bikes are infact quick. A short chat to one of the guys in the paddock pointed me in the direction of Kate’s Retro Page which seems to be the location of all things classic motocross in Belgium including regs, calender. It’s in Dutch and French (like all things Belgian), but google translate does a good job.

Berms a plenty in the sand !

The modern guys later on the programme were quick; very quick. Sand technique, and track knowledge made for an impressive performance. Good afternoon’s intro to Belgian motocross.

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