Restore it, then thrash it

The bike was ready and after checking the bolts one more time, headed the 5 miles down the road to Howton Court and the Pontrilas MX track and one of their practice evenings.

Ready for action

Warm evening and plenty of dust at what is a modern rather than a classic track.

Youtube link to a lap of the track

The bike fired up perfectly and managed an initial three laps before the rear brake disappeared; takes a while to learn the track, lots of dust and deep sand on the outside of corners. The practice session was pretty quiet but even a few bikes (all modern) meant lots of dust.

The rear brake arm needs sorting; its not a solid arm and keeps coming off the spline. May need some new shoes also, front works well (as only one I had for the last 5 laps).


Good evening, though the dry conditions and the dust literally too some of the shine off it.

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