On the road, so head off road !

To celebrate its road worthiness, took the little beauty for a 30 mile tour of the south Herefordshire by-ways, via Kingstone, Vowchurch, Michaelchurch, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Abbeydore. Took in a couple of the ‘older lanes’ on route.


Not really set the bike up for green-laning proper (ie thin traditional tyres, no tyre clamps etc) but why not. After a photo stop at the petrol pumps in Turnastone, heading up to Hermit’s Lane. Stream was low, and some mud after a days rain, with the DT only failing on the ‘step’ near the top.

Impressed and thinking about making a 21″ front rim and getting a 4.00/18 trials tyre on the rear, long distance trial potential ? It’s a small bike and fairly light for a mid-70’s piece of metal work.

Off next to Shawl’s Lane, but tackled this down hill, as there are some steps that would easily defeat the DT’s ground clearance on the way up ! Stream was pretty low at the end, which also was good given the clearance available.

Olchon Valley road

Up a small lane to Llanveynoe just in time to see the clouds coming in across the mountain. Round to the mountain road and up past the sheep to the parking area below the Black Darren. Quick photo stop of the black clouds behind the bike.

Refreshment stop

Off down the hill and into Longtown and a quick stop at the Crown for some refreshment before heading up over the Bryn, to the Trout, over the ford and up the steep hill over the top to Abbeydore.

Hang on....

Cranked up the pace a bit on the way back and a 35 mile round trip which the bike took in its stride. Excellent fun, even the offroad bits !

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