No dancing, no shagging…

Right, whats running ?

With holidays, continued Montesa Cappra issues and the Eurojumble at Netley
Marsh keeping the other suspects away, it was a solo journey.

The SC500 was still out of action, with no ignition yet arrived in the workshop, so the MX250 and the YZ250 were set up. Had to make a new rear pipe for the MX250, after losing another one in Belgium a couple of weeks ago.

Also, the starting problems with the YZ250 continued and I cleaned out the carb and changed the plug and it was a lot better.

Loaded up the van and headed off on Saturday evening, with aim of camping on Saturday. Went the long way round, via Lampeter, for old time sake and the A482 brought back memories of hammering the Lancia Delta round the corners etc

A quick pint

A quick pint in the Castle Green in Lampeter (my last one there was in 1996) before heading down to Newcastle Emlyn and then Llechryd. The rain was hammering down as I drove the van into the field of no return (the entrance was already pretty boggy), past the array of large campers and transit vans.

Decided to leave putting the tent up until I went to the pub, which was stacked with people, some of who were celebrating Terry Challinor’s 70th birthday, along with rewarding some of the long term servants of Welsh Classic Motocross (like Jim Evans). I managed to escape after a couple of pints and put the tent up (can’t beat a pop up tent after a couple of pints, as well as the pre-inflated mattress) and crashed out, as the rain came back.

After a night of rain...

The morning dawned fine and adjourned back to the pub for a breakfast and the Wales v South Africa rugby until half-time and then back for breakfast. There is no denying that the Teifiside club take things nice and steady in terms of organisation and practice was underway before 11h00. Managed to get the YZ250 to fire up, eventually but still a challenge for some reason. Out for practice and whilst the track was still a little damp it was good. The jumps (aka clay mounds) were pretty rutted and made landing sideways part of the fun.

Five Fingers
The pre74 race was first up, and managed to get to the first corner 2nd. This wasn’t down exactly to the amazing performance of the bike, nor judging the tape going up well. Rather than I was one of two who notice the old boy doing the start was holding out 5 fingers and that there was no-one on the 15/5 second board. Out came the fingers, up went the tape. And with most of the field in neutral I managed to get away.

Not that it lasted, as soon found myself dropping the bike on the top corner and seeing two or three go past me. Finished a creditable 5th from 9. Race two saw Sam Gittoes drop his CZ on the same corner as me and I managed to keep him behind me to finish 4th. Race 3 was back as before, with me in 5th again. It’s a small track, but great fun to ride and by the end it was getting rough in places. The clay mounds (aka jumps) were pretty rutted but good fun.


Staying on the bike
The YZ fired up with only a few problems for the first race and I found myself with a relatively poor start, but battling it out for the minor places. Good fun and bike seemed to be running well. Second race saw a better start and managed to keep a few people behind me for the first two laps, including scaring them off as I tried to part company with the bike on some of the jumps.

The bike didn’t want to start for race 3, which was bit unfortunate but after 5 races was a bit knackered.

With only 5 races in the block, we were finished before 4pm, despite the late start so headed off promptly back to Hereford with plenty of time to wash bikes and get ready for the week’s trip to Sweden.

Teifiside may not be everyone’s type of race; the track’s small, but good fun and the organisation (and the starts) could be better. However, it has character both in and out of the pub and making the journey west well worth while.

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