Yamaha MX360 (1973) for sale

from Steve

…Sorry To E-Mail you out of the blue,but I am thinking of selling the MX 360 i have recently finished restoring.I was wondering if you know of anybody that may be interested,bearing in mind your contacts.
I have attached a picture of it above .The thing is I have registered it for the road and I am finding a bit of a handfull on the tarmac ! -It is obviously an out and out racer and in all honestly I cannot see me using it like I thought.I am not interested in proper racing ,so I think it is proberly best I realise some value out of it.

1973 MX360

I will be looking for about £3.5K -As is an exceptional condition machine with very low hours on it.

Works I have done :

Frame/all black parts -2 Pack enamelled -Done by the guy who does all the work for Thwaites dumpers-so this pain is tough .

Engine :Very little required as all that had failed was the electronic ignition-this was removed and replaced with a normal magneto ignition -All engine cosmetically resored to original finishes -satin black,stainless fastners etc.

Seat recovered with correct Yamaha cover.

Rear Shocks -fully rebuilt with re-chromed springs
All other chromework replated.

Exhaust -original -repainted (no rust) -new Aluminium end can made & fitted.

All silver paintwork re-done by a friend of mine ,matched/applied to a very high standard.

All decals have been replaced to exact replica ,in terms of materials/colours -done by Sunrise Graphics

New Tyres fitted -Pirellis

Wheels repolished/New brake shoes fitted front/rear.

Anyway if anybody you could think of is interested ,perhaps you could give them my number,:07970055015

I am located in Rugby in Warwickshire ,
Hope you are well and enjoying your racing ,
Steve Gale

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