Classic Off Road Show, Telford 2012

And it was bloody cold as I headed over the top from Bwlch to Tredegar to pickup Mark and Alan; -8 and lots of snow, so loaded up the van and headed towards Abergavenny. After nearly losing van and trailer on the A40 roundabout it was a steady drive up the motorway, arriving in Telford just before 8am.

Kevin as the advance party was already in situ and has reserved some space for us. On with the gloves to avoid hands sticking to cold swingarms and started the unloading. We seem to have brought more that usual, though the Belgian contingent were first on the seen, and acquired some MX250 exhausts and parts.

As business picked up, managed to find time to fire up the stove and cook a monster bacon and black pudding sandwich, and the constant cups of tea were keeping the hypothermia at bay. Good crowd around though and despite everything, probably busier than the last couple of years.

Artic conditions

Sold a few MX250, TY250 and other bits,which was all good. I’d take some money on the hunt for some deals, but which there were a couple of interesting things in the car park (incl a D175 I should have picked up), in general prices were a bit crazy. And not just CCM’s. I’m sorry Colin, but £7750 for Bultaco I think might be stretching it.

Beta twinshock ?

I also bought some parts from Keith Alderman from Motolink, as part of the plan to refresh the MX250 for next season (8 weeks ago) and some other parts. The inside halls were (unsurprisingly) busy and indeed warm. Mark, Alan and the others has also dived inside and with the arrival of the snow we decided to pack up outside.

Spent another hour inside, arranged for all the parts etc to be picked up and with reports of heavy snow in South Wales, decided to head off around 14h30.

Eye watering price ! And it's not a Honda

Now to the journey home. With reports from Kevin of numerous accidents on the M54, we headed to Bridgnorth and after stocking up with emergency supplies in Tesco Express, we headed over the Clee Hills on the B road to Ludlow.

With a careful approach downhill and a more aggressive one uphill, we got to Cleobury North no problem, however is usually with snow, it’s not the snow it is other drivers who are the problem. With a slow driver in front, we failed to make it up the last steep hill to Wheathill and 30 minutes of pushing (with help from Glyn Moses and carload) we got to the top and I headed off, leaving Mark and Alan a 10 minute walk up the hill.

After that, roads became easier down through Hereford, though conditions awful. Took 4 hours before I got back to Bwlch, where I somewhat keenly tackled the hill down to the house. Unpacked the trailer and dived into the house. Still shivering on Monday, after a pretty impressive epic day.

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