An environmental alternative ?

The Llangorse Sailing Club is located in one of the nicest spots you can think of in which you can put your boat into inland water. With the acquisition of the Mirror dinghy it was clear that the girls (in particular Tamara), where happy with the idea of having a boat. Taking the mirror out with force 4 gusts last week, with Tamara at the helm also confirmed that I liked the idea.

After seeing an old (and one in need of repair) Scorpion at the club, the listing of one on eBay last week also looked tempting. Though old and not too competitive (but that’s not the point)


I bought the boat via ebay, at a very reasonable price, both in terms of the prices for dinghies generally and the guide prices on the Scorpion Association website . It’s a wood built boat, but the previous owner had done some really good modifications and remedial work, so the boat is now in good condition. Wood boats do need maintenance and they do decay, but at least you work on them and fix things. The rigging is good and there are two good sets of sails, one set hardly used.

The boat was made by Westerly in 1975, so not quite pre74 like the bikes but its of the right vintage and it really looks good. It’s also named “Classic Rock”, very apt given my taste in music.

I need to complete the re-rig, in particular the spinnaker rigging isn’t trivial and I did take some pictures of the rig prior to dismantling at Island Barn Reservoir so hopefully this will help.

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