Lust over common sense ?

A trip to the midlands to find some crankcases for the SC500 ended up with another bike in the van. I’d been watching it on DK’s Offroad’s homepage and though not an out-and-out motocrosser, I did fancy something different.


One good piece of advice is to do your research before you buy, rather than afterwards, but it’s all part of the fun to find out what you’ve got in garage, after you’ve put it there.


So what’s good about the bike:
– it’s had very little use, as you can see from the wheels, footrests and general condition on the engine
– it’s complete (except the ignition, see below)
– looks great and needs no real cosmetic work; it’s going to be an original looking end bike.


So, what’s not so good:
– the ignition; given the experience with the Yamaha’s I’ve learnt that to get performance and reliability you need go for a later electronic ignition and fixing the original usually just compounds problems.
– the bike is a little more obscure that some. Husqvarna only made this model for one year, as more a trail bike.
– needless to say, the lights and wiring for the lights are missing. Getting originals will be nigh on impossible.



Some kick spanner activity confirmed a couple of things:
– the Motoplat coil didn’t match the Femsa ignition and stator (which the bike should have had). Description in the ebay listing in that it didn’t have a spark.
– the replacement ignition (I’d assumed I was going to be doing) is going to be a Power Dynamo one , as this keeps a larger flywheel and fits the larger ended crank.
– I needed a puller to fit the Femsa flywheel (33mm x 1.25mm) : I’ve found a nice one in the UK from Billet Parts


Further research and work on the bike to come and some details on getting components.

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