Not on the bike, or in the shed ?

Little Faust and Big Halsy (1970)

Robert Redford does some classic dirtbikes from the ‘On Any Sunday’ era. Plenty of RT and early DT Yamaha’s.


On Any Sunday (1971)

No comment needed, absolutely superb. Malcolm Smith is just great, and Harvey Mushman is just a bit part.


Viva Knieval (1977)

Okay, haven’t seen this year, but need to revisit this classic; even just for Lauren Hutton.

Electra Glide in Blue (1973)
Arizona road cop movie for you Harley fans. It’s an eclectic one and must admit not my favourite.

Freebie and the Bean (1974)

Okay for only the one scene really, but probably the highlight for any Montesa Cota 247 fans out there. James Caan also don’s a Viva Montesa t-shirt.


Silver Dream Racer (1980)

Not in the 70’s and not on dirt, but a film I enjoyed when at school, but one that’s not really stood the test of time.

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle(1990)

Still on the hunt for a copy of this, but from the people who brought you endless Boon on ITV in the 80’s and along with Crossroads condemned the Midlands to the second (or third) tier of regional TV.


Girl on a Motorcycle(1968)

Also, not seen this for a while, so apart from vivid images in my memory of Marianne Faithful in one piece leathers, it’s a bit of a blank in terms of the plot.

The Great Escape(1965)
You may not to watch the whole film again. Not to worry best bits on youtube.

The Wild One (1953))

Obvious biking classic.

…And then there is youtube

The Steve McQueen Honda Elsinore Advert. He got $1m for it, (it seems) and residual values of Elsinores have been higher ever since.

A superb moment of 1973 history, BBC does the Hell’s Angels….

Am I missing something ?

Okay, if you read the the pages of the website, you’ll know I’ve restored an SWM or to and that I’ve an appreciation of twinshock trials and motocross bikes.

Bike values vary, and some are scary, but the current ebay selection is crazy.


Elsinore, £10,000 anyone ?


Honda RTL, now around the £5000 mark.


SWM TL320. At over £6000 it’s all a bit crazy, right ?

Okay, these are eBay prices, set as traps to catch the unwary, but at a new heightened level. I’m now thinking through the bikes I’ve owned (and then sold); I’ll need a calculator.