Classic Off Road Show : Telford 2013

Once again time to load up the van and head north (via Tredegar) to Telford for the auto jumble at the Off Road Show.

Despite not thinking I had too much stuff, managed to fill the trailer, though this included two bikes I’d acquired in Bargoed during the week. The Yamaha XT350 was a runner, with V5 though a bit tatty, whilst the Honda XL200 had a Chinese engine fitted with the Honda one as a spare. Both good value (I thought), but neither sold on the day.


Despite snow on the way up (seem familiar ? ), it was only rain for most of the day. Once again the gazebo came into it’s own …a great investment that. We’d arrived at 07h40 as per usual other traders and the early birds were swooping around the stalls looking for the rare bargins.


Taking the usual approach, of everything has a price, I managed to sell a lot of spares quickly, even if there were a little too cheap in some cases. Made for happy punters and some space in my garage. A lot more interest in MX250 spares than I’d seen before, though not much for SC500 bits and pieces.


Had a walk round inside around lunchtime and the usual crazy prices applied. In fact, not so much in terms of the motocross stuff, some of which has always been expensive, but more so for the trials bikes and spares. I’m amazed on what people want for a Montesa 247, which they’ll never get. Mark sold his 247, for a good price, but a reasonable and fair one. Two grand for a Montesa is stretching it a bit.


That said, there were some good deals to be done. XT and TT 500’s for a grand, which is good value given current market. Did a long look at an Ossa Explorer, which had I sold either the XT or XL, I would have procured. A nice looking machine with V5. Needed a lot of work, but a great project for sure. (Didn’t manage to grab a picture whilst I was there).

There were a few MX250’s, 360’s and SC500’s for sale but all a bit pricey and a bit too original to race. I need to do an article on race prepping these Yamaha’s at some point, because though they may spark, the original ignition units are pretty awful. Moving to PVL transformed the MX250, as well as some other tuning .


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