Road registering your bike : an update

Time to road register the Husqvarna, as it is a road-going Enduro bike (well sort of). I’ve done this before and documented it here , but things have changed slightly and will do so significantly later on in 2013.

With lots of imported classic bikes, road-based and off-road, it’s theorectically straightforward to get a UK age-related license plate and V5C for your bike.

What you’ll need prior to the application :

– MOT: this will cost you £27.50 (or thereabouts). They’ll MOT on the frame number so you’ll need to make sure its legible, especially if you’ve had it powder coated recently. Remember, the ‘daylight MOT’ is an urban myth; if you’ve not lights then you’ll get an advisory to that effect. You don’t need the engine to run for the MOT and therefore they don’t check for noise.
– if it’s an import (from DK, Huggy’s or one of the others), they’ll give you the Import Certificate to confirm it’s duty paid
– insurance : Carole Nash and others will ensure a bike fully-comp on the frame number for up to 30 days, and then after at third-party-fire-and-theft, until you provide the registration number. It’s a good idea to add them when you renew your policy or do them as a batch if you’ve multiple bikes so as to avoid the admin fee (which is now a ludicrous £30 with Carole Nash). Adding 3 bikes to my Groupama policy this year was at no additional cost. The added benefit is your bikes are ensure against theft from home, if you don’t have an offroad policy.
– dating letter : going to the manufacturers, if they still exist can be a long winded and expensive process. Last did it with Yamaha UK and their letter was very non-specific as it wasn’t a UK bike. If it’s a Japanese manufacturer, I can recommend the VJMC Dating Service . Reasonable price (and the membership is worth it for the newsletter) and they phone you up to discuss the details if they have a query. Obviously, they didn’t want to do the Husqvarna, so I went looking for cheap options, given that I think Roy Bacon may actually have died and for sure had been taken off the DVLA’s approved dating companies list. I went for and despite some trepidation, got a header dating letter from Asian Scooter Fanatics. They did contact me to confirm details on the WR250, and the letter was fine with the DVLA. £17 is cheaper than a manufacturer letter.

You will also need:
– a form V55/4; you can’t download them (as they are self copy and two-sided, though you can order them online or pick one up from the DVLA office when you go. A lot of the boxes in the form are no relevant.
– proof of ID: passport of driving license
– proof of address : council tax or utility bill
– payment : £50 first registration fee and the first years license fee, £37.50 for the Husky.

Now, for the interesting bit. I took my forms (along with bike) to the Theale DVLA office near Reading, as it’s on my way to work on a Monday, expecting to submit the paperwork and then make an appointment to inspect the bike. Worcester notoriously always inspected, and Cardiff never used to, but then started to do so. It seems that the requirement for inspections is now less likely for classic bikes, especially those that are not license fee exempt. No inspection needed, which is a result.

However, this might be in part due to the significant change this year, as the DVLA are shutting all their regional offices (Theale shuts in November, staff redundant), so future applications will be by post to DVLA Swansea only. This means sending all the original documents into them, hoping you’ve filled it all in correctly and potentially then arranging for an inspection, or not.

Therefore my advice is that the next 4-6 months provide a window of opportunity for single visit new registrations to be done. I’ve two Yamaha’s that need to get road registered, so now is the time.

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