No motocross, time for trials ?

With both of the motocross events I’d planned to go to this year canceled, rather than heading to Domen Hill and Border Classic, thought it was time for trial. Herefordshire Classic Club came up trumps and Saffron and I headed over on a Sunday morning

Mark and Section 6+7

Saffron was up for some observing, so that reduced my entry fee significantly. Off to the first section (for us), the long double subber on the far side of the woods. Needless to say, two 5’s to start to the day, due to me leaving the choke on …duh. In the grander scheme of things it didn’t matter too much as I (along with others) dropped a lot of marks.

It wasn’t going to my section this, as I came off in the same place, twice, with the first dive a dramatic one done the slope. Although a late start to gymnastics (ie that day), my exit role did get some good marks from the watching throng, along with a few laughs.

Terry and the Bantam

The long section 8 by the waterfall wasn’t easy and though I could clean it to the last corner, I’d come unstuck here, best effort was a 1.

Section 9 was the most straightforward of the day, despite an awkward hop across a boulder at the end and only dropping 1 here over four laps was good.

Bowley Court's famous waterfall

Andy Morgan observed section 10, up the gully where the rainfall in the winter has exposed the rocks at the top more than I remember. A couple of sly characters tackled this from the side (Rob Cobley, you know it was you), but which ever approach, Mark did manage the dying Kawasaki swan on a couple of occasions.

Section 1+2

Sections 1 and 2 were long, complex routes, with some steep drop offs. How I clean it twice is beyond me, but Terry only had one attempt, taking a flying leap over the bars. The trip to Neville Hall hospital later confirmed nothing was broken though he was bruised. More importantly, the gold plating on the Bantam was undamaged.

Section 3 was tight corners up through trees on a bank; plenty of grip but could manage the tight left-hander well, so best attempt was a 1.

The excellent section 10

Joel observed section 4, who’s largish step near the end did for me twice, Less said on this section the better. Saffron has section 5, through a muddy stream which I surprisingly cleaned twice and to prove it wasn’t family bribery I then 5’d on the last lap.

In the end, the results don’t matter in trials, honestly, so I’ve buried the link to them below. Many thanks to the Herefordshire Club to another great trial


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