Work on the Yamaha TT500.

The TT500 was acquired at the end of February and with the ongoing work on the Husqvarna taking priority. In March I did manage to strip the bike and start the assessing what work I needed to proiritise and what spares I needed.


The biggest issue (as it turned out) were the wheels and both front and rear rims had hairline cracks. After looking at fitting new rims (expensive) I ended up sourcing replacement rims. The front was a complete wheel obtained via eBay US, and ended up very cheap (<£80) including shipping, which was a lot less than a new rim and rebuild. For the rear, decided to respoke another good rim, so after shotblasting and painting the hub, I'd ordered some of the original Yamaha spokes from eBay. However a lot of these listed are only for XT. So, to be certain: - XT500 Rear Wheel : 1E6-25304-00 1979 Rear Spoke Set (two style of spokes) - TT500 Rear Wheel : 431-25304-01 1979 TT500 Spoke Set (3 types of spokes) The XT500 spokes are still listed by Yamaha dealers and this is the cheapest way to get them, whilst the TT500 ones are only recently (2012) discontinued. I measured up the spokes (which I'd already cut out, whoops) and sent measurements to Central Wheels and they turned out a new set of spokes within 5 days. Excellent service and they,after some shady history, should be seen as recommended suppliers.

|Type | Number of spokes | Length | Gauge|
|A|18|205mm|6 (4.87mm)|

I sent the sample spokes, which they need, and got them made in galvanized, rather than stainless.


The rest of the bike, was basically ingrained with 20-30 years of desert dirt, some of which was harder than concrete. I sanded down the frame and after toying with the idea of painting it silver, when back to my favourite Hammerite Satin Black.



For the unwary, you need to be very careful in ordering spares for TT500’s. There are a lot of people like Yuniparts, Yambits, Kedo in Germany, GPM Classics who sell replacement parts for these classic bikes; however, there listings aren’t always accurate.
– the parts for TT500 aren’t always the same as XT500; see this listing as an example.
– delivery times for plastics from most of the suppliers are long, as I think these are now all coming from Germany or the US

It’s a big business for TT500 / XT500’s, though I think the market is softening a lot more recently with a flood of TT500’s hitting the UK market, you can buy a project for < £900.

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