A good days racing, honest !

It was raining by the time we got to Talgarth though, and a few others swept through whilst we were on the way up the A470 and A483. and after the very wet at Abbeycwmhir earlier in the year it was good to find the ground dry and firm despite the previous nights rain.


Didn’t walk the track as one of the advantages of the venue, is that you can see the whole track from the viewing area. Okay, didn’t have my binoculars with me, but was running a little late. Decided to run just the SC500, as the MX250 hadn’t seen any effort from me over the last couple of weeks as no real shed time. The track was little more straightforward (and shorter) that previous visits and quickly developed a line around all of it.

Racing was pretty competitive, for both the two British Championship races [[Interestingly, the British Championship is now pre74, not pre72 it seems; this is good though now a little out-of-sync with our European neighbours. However, it seems its for British and European bikes only. No Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s, Honda’s or Kawasaki’s then. Odd and slightly racist ? Not that I’m going to enter, but some people might want to.]] and also for the other normal races. The Twinshock class saw Dan Evans have a bit more competition than normal, even though Rhys Edwards didn’t make it (alternative attractions in Brynamman?). The Twinshock class had a harder edge than normal and combined with the longer races quiet a few holes had appeared even as I went out for my first race.

Trevor Hammond, 1st championship race

The first Championship race saw both classes combined and was pretty close from start to finish. Wayne Partington’s off and subsequent concussion but a slightly dampner, but there was great racing between Chris Chell (with broken collarbone I think) and Tim Dallaway, as well as the rest of the field.

Good racing throughout the classes, with the exception of the pre74 over 250cc class, which saw 11, 8 and then 7 in each of the races. I wasn’t last in all of them, but was making up the numbers. I finally got a great start in race 2 and the SC500 is quick down to the corner for sure; 2nd gear and get the launch control right. Maybe I prefer start gates to tape or putting your hand on your head, not sure ?

Classic Motocross Photogrpahy

Though there was a shower during the 2nd British Championship race, and it was slick in places, it didn’t prevent some good racing in the afternoon also. The music wasn’t too loud and time for some good conversations in the paddock. Good to see Lee down from Wigan on his Kawasaki, as well as contingent from Scotland. No other pre74 Yamaha’s which was a shame.

Overall, plenty surprised by a good meeting and good racing. Hopefully Clyro will run next week (low entries so far) as looking forward to that too. The more you race, the better. A really good mix of bikes (and where are all these CCMs coming from). Good to see pre74 Maico’s.and Bultaco’s.

Tamara took a few photos and these can be found on her site, http://classicmotocross.tumblr.com . She’s taking some good photo’s which are getting better and hopefully she can get some better lenses for the future.

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