Down in Devon

Busy week, so no real to write it up, but you could write it up really quickly.
– the big hill
– big holes, too many twinshocks ?
– rain, sun and wind
– large entry
– cider

However, this would of course not do the event justice. Even the trip down there and back are worth a couple of paragraphs.

Great location above Combe Martin

The course at Berrynarbour overlooks the sea, and is one of the best locations in the UK as a classic track. The much mentioned hill is steep, and for a bike with lacklustre brakes, its got to be taken gently, to avoid missing the off camber bend at the bottom, and ending up in the wolf sanctuary beyond.

Mark stayed away from ambluance

The trial on Saturday afternoon was proceeded by Saffron and I walking down to Combe Martin for lunch (and scrounging a lift bank). The trial showed that I’d not ridden for a while and the limitations of the TY, which needs a strip down to sort the brakes, especially the rear which is non-functional. Kevin won it from the team, after fishing the blue paper from his carb, which had resulted in a number of 5’s on the first lap. Mark was only a couple of points behind him.

Kevin's new 500 Husky had only outing

Racing on Sunday followed a night of wind and rain and a bit of attention to the cider collection in the beer tent (avoid Orchard Pig, not the best). Good music and entertainment.

Steve James; not his day

After practice on the SC500 it was looking a bit slippery on the wet grass and managed to drop the bike twice on the same lap. I decided to then give the recently finished TT500 a spin round the track. Broke the kickstart, but good ole Yamaha and the one from the SC500 also fits so started it up. All good till the hill, where the bike started to misfire. Basically the bike was running a little rich, and fouling the plug a bit too quickly. Therefore parked it up and focused on the SC500 for the days racing.

Andy Carter in the 2nd British Championship race

The British Championship races were pretty closely fought over the 15 minutes, but more of that later. With the late cancellation of the sidecars (due to lack of entries) a third twinshock race was added, so probably around 80 of them in the 150 entries on the day (a well supported event for 2013 it seems)

More airtime

First race out for me went well, though some quick guys out of the 15-18 people on the line (it was a British Championship weekend so…). Begun to notice that I’m taking it too easy on the SC500 to some extent, and that I also need to get the handling sorted.

Firstly, I don’t chance gear often enough, as you make good use of the wide powerband and the wide range on the 4 speed box doesn’t help. There are some interesting mentions about using the close ratio TY gear cluster so will need to check this out as an option.

Flying in Devon

Kevin went out on his newly acquired (and scruffiest in the paddock) Husqvarna CR500 (circa 83-84) in the first race, but had fun hanging on up the hill. Mark wasn’t far behind, and managed a back of the field tussle with a Maico.


Organisation could have been slicker on race day, with long gaps between races, so didn’t finish racing to 17h30, and with a three hour journey back in summer traffic. That said it is a great weekend event and one people tend to make a holiday of. Good fun.

Apologies for the brevity, more write-ups to come during the week when I’ll be travelling for a lot of it.

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