Not enough racing, too many meetings ?

The bikes are languishing in the garage, and whilst it’s a good chance to catch up on maintenance I decided to go racing, but with my 1975 Scorpion boat something that wasn’t possible last year.

However, enough of this melancholia; lets look at the problem.

I’ve had more returned and cancelled cheques this year than in the previous 3 seasons and its been a good summer weather wise. It’s not the weather then, so on to some other facts

– good meetings, at good tracks, get entries; therefore the Nostalgia, North Devon (Atlantic), Thornhill, etc get good entries.
– regions with few clubs and meetings get entries (Pre65 and Mortimer for example)
– well advertised meetings, with firm dates at the beginning the year, get entries.
– flexible, approachable entry secretaries also help
– the 20 quid late entry fee is pointless; rather than getting a late entry, you won’t get one..
– distance is usually irrelevant if it is a good meeting;

Onto my own personal view, it all comes back to the meeting at the beginning of the year to discuss fixtures; needs a benevolent dictator (or cricket like selection committee) to actually _decide_ what is running and when.

Some simple rules:
– use previous years figures on entries, cancellations etc to see what has happened. If an event was cancelled in 2013, why this happened and what might be needed to be done to avoid it in the next year.
– look at the map; and make a decision on geography on where meetings are running.
– restrict meetings if you think there are too many, with similar classes running at same time

The entry fee at £30.00 seems reasonable, at least if you get 3-4 races and more if you have second bike. Getting to the venue is potentially significantly more expensive and it’s still cheap motorsport. Ah, whilst a few people have commented on the increasing cost of bikes (in particular pre68 ones) you can still go racing relatively cheaply, and classic motocross bikes are unlikely to go down in value.

For the decision after a few seasons is to go for Quality, which is always a difficult thing to quantify and measure [ you can always go off and read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. Published in 1974, its a bit about bikes and a bit about the period, but it’s mainly the [ most published philosophy book ever. ]].

What makes quality :
– obviously a good track
– good organization
– good number of races, and classes to suit your bike

However, there are other factors:
– is it near the beach or shops, or other attractions for the family if you are going for weekend
– are you mates going, to share transport and have a laugh with
– how far is it ?

I’ve raced in England, Wales, Belgium and even Scotland this year (and I can safely say the Thornhill meeting was one of best I’ve been to), but it’s always good to get dates in diary early, as in my case it lets me plan around the kids, girlfriend and what country I’m going to be in.

I don’t know will chair the date meeting for 2014, or who is responsible from AMCA, but before letting clubs have the dates they want, evaluate 2013 performance and use this as input. Too many bad, cancelled or date-changed meetings are not helping.

As for encouraging people to race classic motocross, more on this later, as I’m saving it up.

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