It’s been a while…since the last article

So as well as this site, there is now
ClassicMXWales the new site for the Welsh Championship
Bwlch Blog for the non biking stuff
Bwlch Offroad Parts

so something else to content on.


The Yamaha SC500 has seen some development over the last couple of months, and I’ve managed to build a new engine (also built an engine for someone else). New engine has Boyesen reeds, a recently acquired piston, as well as new bearings and seals through.

It’s also had a make-over, with a plastic tank (like the one on the 250) and new plastics. In the grand scheme of things, very much a straightforward exercise and the engine started and ran from the off.

Currently working getting the 250 ready and trying to solve the power problem with the bike, with a new piston and rebore, as well as a carb overhaul. The TT500 hasn’t seen much effort and the exhaust and valve stem seals are still waiting for workshop time.

6 weeks till the start of the season (for me) and still lots to do. Including work.

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