Start of another season, eventually

With new found responsibilities in running the Classic Welsh Championship , I’m going to make a bit of an effort to keep the personal bike blog running along as well, though it’s been a couple of weeks since the event, want to keep the personal side going.

For the formal report click here , for the less formal one, read on.


The Teifiside club and tracks have a mixed reputation; as I’ve commented before, I’m a bit a fan of the style, atmosphere and the type of racing that tends to take place . It also has a bit of a reputation for entertainment on the event before .

Anyway, with the track running the other way (clockwise) and the start at the far end, away from the pub, all was really good in terms of the track. Pretty quick lines, with only the one usual muddy bomb-hole proving a bit tricky all day, and somewhere I came off in practice on the TT500. Ah, fun.


Kevin, Mark and Steve James were all present, with Kevin, Steve having come down with Lee the night before. After a visit to the pub, Steve and Lee had slept in the commentary van, which by some miracle had found it’s way from one end of the field to the other. Now whether that was under it’s own steam or not, isn’t clear. Kevin’s latest trailer, with extensible pop-up roof, provided luxury accommodation for him, whilst Mark and I, along with Saffron, took the sensible precaution of coming of down that morning, hangover free.

With my new duties weighing heavy, helped sort out the race order and combine the classes. With about 80 entries, it was well above the usual Teifiside level and pretty healthy, but combined the pre60, 65 and 68 up to 350cc class. A bit chaotic and a few people missed the first race in the confusion. My biggest mistake (and yes I’ve learnt) was putting the two invitation riders in the pre74 race. There were 7 and they had their own race in the end, along with the couple of evos.


After a sluggish first race, Steve had a solid performance in the pre65 category and ended up with a fine 2nd in the last race behind Gareth Challinor, who was rather rapid on the day.

My pre74 over 250cc races were consistent, a solid 8th (and last) in each of the races, though a couple of non-finishers made me feel a bit better. After the winter layoff, it was clear I wasn’t really on the pace. Bike was going fine, but some recent suspension adjustments weren’t really making things better.


The Twinshock races were lively as normal, as the TT500 was on the like, along with Kevin on the CR500 Husqvarna and Mark on the 414 Montesa Cappra. I finished 1 place Mark in all three races, with the TT clearly struggling in places and again my own lack of form. In contrast, Kevin positively flew round the track with some near misses in places.


All in all, good to be back in the saddle and to see everyone in fine form. Teifiside events remain for me a good place to chill out, relax and enjoy classic motocross at its best.

All the results from the days racing can be also found at ClassicMXWales site . Bit dryer reading but all the usual facts and figures.

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