A long time coming….

A bit of an impulse buy off eBay (aren’t they all) and with the location being Cornwall, probably put a lot of people off. However it had the bonus of arranging an additional days racing at Harberton with the Dartmouth Club, as the seller was also racing.

Rising above the long grass of Harberton

The bike is a 250cc CR (Close Ratio) from 1975 and it sits in that funny ‘circa’ period where bike evolution was rapid. 1974 still has bikes with up right rear shocks, low seat height and (mainly) piston ported. By 1977, bikes were a good bit taller, laid down shocks (and in the case of Yamaha, monoshock) and reed valves as standard.


You immediately notice that unlike a Yamaha, a Husqvarna is relatively hard to kick start. It’s on the wrong side to start with, so getting off the bike helps. Also, the direction of travel for the kickstart means the footrest is very much in the way. After working out a plan at Harberton during the afternoon, best approach is off the bike and standing well behind the footrest and kick forward. Tickle the Bing carb and hold open the throttle (again very different from the two stroke Yamaha’s) and go for it. Seems to work.

Compared with the Yamaha, you can tell that the Husky is a proper race bike; no frills and no concessions for trail or desert riding. Gears are all there (and I think there are 6 but haven’t counted them yet) with positive feedback for your foot. Handling is great and though the forks were dropped in the yoke, moving them up didn’t seem to affect handling too much. Indeed a pleasure to ride.

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