Border Classic, Cilfronydd 5th May 2014

Picked up Paul Prosser and his Gori around 6.30 and then met with the Tredegar contingent back up in Bwlch, before heading north towards Welshpool. Though it’s a lot closer than the previous days trip to Dartmouth , the journey was going to take about the same amount of time.

Mass tea production

The track near Cilfroyndd is run by the farmer as a practice track and is in an excellent location in the rolling hills of the borders. The Border Club had done a lot of work to grade it the day before, so many of the ruts and compressions had been taken out. Looked good, even though there were some big stones in places. Time for a brew and I’d located a roofers burner in the garage attic which speeded up the boiling process for tea, especially for the larger contingent.

Cifronydd track near Welshpool; a lovely spot

Practice was, er…dusty, with about 50 riders on the track, but it rode well and those jumps that were there were uphill and nothing stupid. Perfect. The Husky was going well and I managed to perfect the knack of starting it, so it was going 2nd or 3rd kick. The SC500 less so and although I’d managed to fix the decompressor, but putting a blanked off one in place, it was running a little rough.

Ready for action

The race order had the pre75 races back to back, but that was switched around whilst they watered the track, which provided some time to fettle bikes and have another cup of tea. Graham came up from Cardiff on the KTM and arrived at the right time before the first race. Both the Husky and the Yam went okay during the first block of races, alas Paul’s Gori didn’t and destroyed the piston and ring. Not so good. Kevin was flying with his Husky in the twinshock race and after Mark had run over someone on a KDX, he also was getting into the swing of things.

Mark bottoming out the Cappra

Steve was out of his Metisse also and was also going well, though problems with a slipping clutch meant he was a bit further down the field than normal. Straight into the second and third blocks of racing and the Border Club were doing a great job in getting things moving after a late start, and the track watering had done the job and it was now perfect.

A rare picture of me

Kevin took my Husky about for the pre74 250cc race and after his usual poor start, was swiftly up to 3rd, getting past Trevor Hammond and Sam Gittoes. Time for him to show me how to ride the bike, but he stalled it coming into one of the downhill corners, so lost a few places after dismounting to restart.

A good day and some good racing. All finished by 15.30 and away at 16.00, after picking up the results and signing the marshalls sheet.

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