Finding a ride in June ?

There’s always plenty of moaning about lack of entries at classic motocross, so it’s nice to see some clubs turning away entries. Find a pre74 event in June is a little problematic, with Chomendley and the Bonanza not really catering for _all_ or _any_ pre74 bikes.

The [ Bonanza regs -> ] are probably the most complicated I’ve seen and there’s a pre73 European race (for British Bikes). I don’t mind, as they make it clear exactly what you can enter. It’s the British Bike Bonanza, with some exceptions for early CZ’s and Husky’s.

My returned entry

However, in a quest for a race, I submitted an entry for Mortimer this coming weekend (21/June) and though I’d heard some reports of them not being exactly welcoming to Japanese bikes, there was nothing on the regs; simply a Clubman pre74 race. My 1973 Yamaha was therefore eligible. Er, no. Entry returned as they only accept European bikes. If that’s the case, please put it on the regs and I can save myself £1.30 of stamps and organise my travel and weekend.

I’m slightly miffed at the Japanese bike exclusion from people running pre74 races, (like Mortimer and The Pre65 club), but at least they make it clear in the regs. Wonder how many Japanese carbs, pistons, Taiwanese con-rods, Thai Seat Covers and tyres made in India will be racing on Sunday ? What I’m more pissed off at, is that a) I considered paying £40 to enter and b) they have the satisfaction of returning my entry.

There were Japanese bikes clubman racing in the UK and Europe in 1973, mainly TM Suzuki’s, and in GP’s you might find the odd Yamaha…winning.

On the plus side, no bike nationality rules in the Welsh Championship. In hindsight I could have raced in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Belgium in June and would have been welcomed.

Next event is Chester on 6th July and I’m looking forward to the end of the fallow period of June.

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