Caephilly Club Hangover Trial

I’d got back to Wales on the Saturday afternoon, so some stirring of trials interest meant I found myself extracting the TY 250 from behind the kitchen [[Realised when writing this, that I’d not put the TY250 on the bike project list, even though it’s my current (and only) trials bike, will rectify this at somepoint]].

Quick splash of petrol and a couple of kicks and ready to go, 5 months after the last use on the Ivor Morkett back in July [[Something else I’ve not written up]]. I did a quick on the chain tensioner which needs to be fixed and attempted to straighten the foot rests, but thats something I’ll do in the workshop during the week.

Best view of the day

Had to defrost the van to open the doors, and a nice -4 C in Bwlch in the mist made for a fairly chilly start (but this is what trials is all about, right?). Steady progress across of the Pen y Fan Leisure Park, with a nice view from Llangynidyr mountain on the way over.

Mark and Terry on arrival

Terry (on his Bantam) and Mark (Montesa 348) had bravely (foolishly) decided to ride up from Tredegar, which then involved some thawing out of hands on arrival. With the murk all around, it was good to see the Caerphilly club rightly getting on with it and with 35 entries and enough observers it was good to see things underway promptly.


The sections were laid on out the banks below the caravan park and in the woods further down. With the twinshocks all doing the easier route, they were a fair test and with the exception of Section 7, all were cleanable, even by me.

I infact managed a 1 on Section 7 on the first lap, something that none of the group managed on the other 3 laps; it was a ‘3’ section, involving a tight turn and a loose muddy climb after.

Terry’s nemesis(es) were Sections 2 and 3, both of which involved climbs and tight turns before dropping back down. Maybe it was because the Bantam’s brake was on the downhill side, but I also managed to screw them up a couple of times, including a 5 my riding into a tree on Section 3 on the last lap.


All in all, a good enjoyable trial and nice to get out on the Yamaha again; it needs a refurb and the top-end rattle is getting worse, but it still rides very well. Could do with a gear box oil change also.


What’s good about trials is that you do it all year (even when it’s really cold and also wet) and it is never too serious (well classic trials anyway). Event’s tend to happen whatever, because they are less dependent on large entries. Despite stupid money price increases on twinshock trials bikes recently, it’s still a good sport to get into.

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