Right hand change

A sudden passion for things pre72, not at all influenced by the Welsh team entry for the 2015 Classic MX des Nations meant I now have a bike with the gear change on the wrong side. It’s a 1967 bolt-up 250cc Husqvarna, which is pre65 eligible based on the fact they were the same as the 300 bikes built in 1965.


It’s a later 1975 tank and some period mods, with good Akront rims. It needs tyres and some rear shocks, which hopefully I’ll pick up at Telford. Looking forward to taking it round the track, and probably using the brake a lot. A debate on whether I’ll change the mudguards to plastic in order to save the alloy ones on the bike, and want maintenance it needs. It is current well set up, lots of compression, with some fairly trick modifications

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