Race ready 1970 4-speed Husqvarna


A later Hallman framed bike, which whilst not that ‘original’ in looks is very much race ready and has been very well prepared.

– later Bing 54 carb with larger carb inlet and airfilter (earlier Bolt-ups have a slightly smaller airbox)
– some nicely made shocks
– plastic (racing) mudguards
– later fuel tank (from 75 and later machines)
– generally well put together with new bolts and lock nuts
– original mudcatcher rims (similar to early Yamaha’s) aren’t perfect but good.

One of the things you learn over time is that the ‘project’ bike bought for the lowest possible price is something of a false economy. Lets say (and these are conservative prices)
– set of tyres (£80)
– upgraded or new carb (£200)
– plastics (£75)
– racing / replacement tank ( £50-100, after a good autojumble hunt)
– wheel rebuilds (£150-300, depending on rims or not)
– engine rebuild (£100 – 300, depending on the state of the piston)

If you’ve a knackered crank etc, then it gets worse. So any project bike might take somewhere £300 – £1000 to get race ready. Depends on what you want at the end of it.


The good news with this bike, is that it came with 8 crates of spares, which was a nice surprise. Ready to race and with parts to hopefully keep it running for the whole season (or until 2019 if I’m being optimistic)