Black Mountains MBO : WTF ?

As always I find myself being drawn into to do something a bit different and via Facebook, it seems that I’ve entered a Mountain Bike Orienteering (MBO) event on Sunday, being run out of Govilon.  Its run by the Black Mountains MBO club, and it seems I missed the event on local turf which ran at the beginning of May (bit of a shame) starting in Tretower.

The area for Sunday  is the Blorenge and associated big hills south from Govilon and over to Blaenavon.  You get a sneak preview of the route area, but not the control points (well that’s not a surprise).


What I understand is, that you need to visit as many control points during the 3h30 time limit. Each control has a value (10,20 or 30) and you score based the value and the number you do. The penalties for being over time get pretty severe as far as I can tell though there don’t seem to be penalties for finishing early.  Obviously you’ve got to plan for your physical fitness and avoid the stupid ascents, though I might aim for the stupid descents 🙂


The previous event looks interesting and you can see the type of routes people did if you then compare them to the results and look the routes that were taken.


My rather knackered Specialized bike has been washed and service and I’ll take it for a practice spin in the morning to make sure it’s functioning correctly prior to Sunday. I might make a map board, but will see if that’s a good option. I guess it’s like doing the Knooppunten in Belgium but not quite as flat. And it’s a race.

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