Not the best day…

The entry regs for the Bonanza should be seen as a warning rather than an invitation as the require some complex calculation of classes and what you can ride. Adrian Moss’s event has had to move venue to Sapperton from its previous home, where its heyday it would have seen 300 riders. 

There are a number of reasons why day wasn’t the best in no particular order. 

  1. The bolt up Husky (the only one that was eligible) didnt run right after practice and whilst it finished race 1, it only made a lap of race 2. Given everything else, it went in the back of the van. 
  2. The track was a stubble field and not a big one at that. It was quick and a lap probably took around a minute. It had a few rocks in it and a nice sheen on the straw. Dare I say it some people on bigger British stuff would have liked it. Plenty of trailing leg. 250cc two stroke it wasnt. 
  3. Given the track size a total of 12 minutes racing was on offer (I was only eligible for one class)
  4. Organisationally its an interesting setup and it could have been better. As an AMCA steward you might have commented on the marshall points as the corner apexes, driving a Suzuki Vitara on the track during the sidecar race and the fencing between spectators and fast moving realtively heavy sidecars. 
  5. A bit of a verbal before the event. 
  6. Not so much in a racing mood

Out in first practice once agaij note to self to get the Michelin M12 tyre off the rear as it seems capable of sliding out on any surface. Bike went well for a couple of laps and then starting missing slightly under load. Changed the plug and got worse for 2nd practice session so went back to the original plug. 

1st started ago and got away from the wonky start line (which was 45 degrees rather than 90 to the line to first corner). However bike started missing and dropped a couple of places. Got an elbow as a guy went by on the last lap who then went into the back of Andrew Davies and went over on a fast corner. 

Watched a couple of races from behind the start and the tight line saw Peter Yates (all the way from Aberdeen) lock bars with Jon Britton. Their previous close encounter was when Jon ran over him at the Bonanza a couple of years back. 

The sidecars were impressive and given it was a British Championship round they had a 15 minute, 13 lap race. It wasnt going to take much for one of the bikes to head into the stakes and rope at speed. When it did happen there was a break in racing as more rope was put up.

On other days I would have spent more time looking to fix the bike and gone out for the 3rd race but it was a bit marginal for 4 minutes of racing.

Took a bit longer to drive back and after washing the bike had a couple of visitors in Kevin and then Paul. Cup of tea and looked the the ignition stator first and the stator plate bolts had cime loose. Therefore the timing was a little bit erratic. Again a maintenance issue and really need to come up with a check list after each meeting as well more time. 

Cleaned out the area behind the rotor (which was full of crap) and with some locktight but it back together. Based on 2mm before TDC this engine is too advanced (it has some significant compression)  so with adjustment the bike then fired up and a quick blast up the lane and running fine. 
Some other maintenance to do including checking the wiring to coil and fixing a small leak in the petrol tank. Oh and changing the rear tyre. 

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