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Back to Penparc near Cardigan for the second time this year and the Teifiside club had made a few adjustments to the track, which is able to fit in plenty of interest in a relatively short space.  After the Bonanza, anything is more interestng than a stubble field with a sub 60 second lap.  Some off cambers and the lines that changed made it challenging for me. I didn’t race well here back in April and this time wasn’t any different and was well off the pace I had at Chester and Abbeycwmhir in July. Been a long week and along with brother-in-law Philip had driven over from Antwerp the previous day, though along with Karl, and Paul we had managed a practice up at Dai’s on the Saturday evening. Philip had selected the Husqvarna Automatic as his weapon of choice for the Sunday racing. The 1975 Husky didn’t want to run and this was eventually traced to the plug cap shorting out on the exhaust. The Automatic gives you time to focus on the track and lines round, rather you having to concern yourself about what gear you are in.


Though entries for the Teifiside had been steady again, but a late flourish with the rare delight of sunny weather promised meant that there were over 100 people racing (90 solos and 12 sidecars), which was another healthy entry for somewhere with the furthest travel for many competitors.
For the pre60/pre65 races and class, it was good to see Dai Walker back, with the bike and rider both running well and pushing Andy Carter in all the races, with Derek Brice well involved in the mix taking the win in the first race. Mick Maskelyne is showing some good form also, prior to his ride in the pre66 class for the Classic MX des Nations.  Matt Morgan had recently bought a bike from Brendan Owen and he’s beginning to get to grips with it and showed some better form.  Had Dai Walker pushed harder, he might have taking the overall win on the day and collected the Cardiganshire Shield from Andy, but probably a reflection of both his return and that for the bike.
The pre78 and Twinshock races were combined, though there were 7 pre78 regulars on the line. It made for some great racing on what is an interesting track, with plenty of ups and downs and choice of racing lines. Rhys Edwards has some great battles with Daniel Griffiths and 2 out of 3 from him, with Nigel Davies  riding consistently to get second overall, as Daniel had a DNF in race 3.  Sam Weaver is continuing to play catch up on points and gained some points on Anthony Guest, who in turned scored only a total of 12 points which only dented slight Kyle Noble’s leaded after he only completed the first race (and that well down the field).
David Weaver got the better of James Edge in all 3 races in the pre78 class, partly through horsepower (275cc more in David’s Bike) and partly though being in the combined race. Some great action though and David has taken the pre78 championship for 2016 as a result. Lee Johnson had a puncture prior to the 2nd race which kept the KX off the starting line, otherwise it might have been very different for the other places, but John Mainwaring and David Goddard scored well and continued as valued supporters of the championship.  Steve Gregson’s CCM enjoyed the return and also managed some consistent finishes in all 3 moto’s.
The sidecars seemed to be enjoying themselves and Rogers/Wernham just edged the points over Jones/Jones over all three races, where the method of points scoping means there is only 2 points between 1st and 2nd. Didn’t get to see much of the racing in the class, so apologies with the brevity here.
The pre68 up to 350cc and pre74 over 250cc class were combined, which meant and an excellent line up of 17 for the first moto and then 16 for the other two races. Phil Anslow won 2 races after Rob Jones was first to the line in race 1, and then broke down on lap1 of race 2. Andrew Owen hasn’t ridden too much this season, but his retun on the bolt-up Husqvarna resulted in some consistent finishes with a best of 4th in the 3rd moto, when he got ahead of fellow Classic MX des Nations teamster Geoff Taylor, who is really finding form on the twinport CZ after switcing from a later 70’s CZ.  In the pre74 class, Ben Weaver won the first two races with the same style and speed he’s shown all season, but he over cooked it in race 3, allowing Willaim Guest (only 17) to take a great win. He is showing some excellent form and style and will be a strong contender for the 2017 season.  Kevin Pettit continues to race well on the ecletic Can Am which is quicker than an Elsinore off the line.
In the Pre68 Unlimited and the Pre74 over 250cc, it was the races between John Cash, Rob Jones and Jonathan Randall which stole the show, with John Cash coming out on top (just) with two wins. Jonathan got the 3rd, with Rob slotting in 2nd for each of the rsaces. Nathan Jones continues to lead the pre68 unlimited class though will be need to race and finish at Llanthony in September to stay ahead of Phil Anslow.
In the Evo’s, the 3rd and final meeting of the season, saw Lee Jones will all three races head of Nigel Davies and Dave James, but it’s Nigel who takes the inaugural championship ahead of both of them. Not a strong turnout and the loss of the Saturday racing at Narberth (because of the separate Evo event) didn’t really help. Some thinking for 2017 is needed.
For me, not the best days racing, and though I missed one race because of a petrol soaked crankcase, I did manage to finish the others, despite a puncture in race 2. Thanks to Andy Carter for the tube and to John, Dai and Kevin in helping with the change. Typically after trying to bump start the bolt-up, it then only took 2-3 metres towed behind the van for it to fire.  However, mind and form were elsewhere and to some extent with Andrew Owen now available to ride in Northern Ireland it’s good to drop back to being the reserve, as like many sports, confidience is part of the mix, along with skill.

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