Classic Off Road Show and Autojumble : Kempton Park 3/Dec


Getting ready for the morning at the jumble.

With the work Christmas party in Bracknell the night before, decided to head up to Kempton Park for the Classic Off Road Show and Autojumble. My Dad and some of his friends go up regularly so met them up there too. Nice cold and clear weather and after a long wait in the nearby breakfast establishment (other people heading to the show) a short queue and we were in.  The usual overly optimistic  pricing was present


Sitting in the stand looking over part of what is a relatively big jumble.



A good buy for someone, well it was Kevin in the end, to add to the CanAm collection in Tredegar. Nice bike.




Some great magazines for sale. The pipe look is set for a comeback I’m sure though hopefully in the paddock rather than whilst riding.



Possibly the bargain of the show ? It ran nicely and a 441 Victor for £2295. It hadn’t sold when we left the show around 2pm.



Don’t know much about Devoid of Troubles but that is an interesting engine. Twin with side exhaust ports makes it very interesting.



A reasonably priced Chott ? There’s been a few for sale recently and though it could be argued the Husqvarna engined ones are more competitive but these are nice.



No rare Cagiva tanks, but did uncover a whole set of NOS Cagiva Akront rims in their wrappers.


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