Yamaha XT500 Motocross 1977

After racing the TT500 at Widworthy at the end of last season, got a good feeling about riding the 4-stroke Yamaha and when at XT500 with some motocross considerations came up on eBay, I ended up buying it. A reasonable price and some good parts on it.  It has an RM Suzuki front end and a KX swingarm but comes with the standard frame. It has the YZ125 tank that you see on a lot of the HT500 replicas, so looks pretty good also. The seat isn’t really right but is plush and relatively comfy. Big bore exhaust and a end can which is a bit lively but lets the bike do the business.  The engine was a stand XT500 motor (IU6 early model) and though running nicely, smokes a bit on overrun.

Good mate Roger had built an engine for the TT,  which has an 11:1 compression ration Wiseco piston and is bored out to 540cc. This has been in the TT500 for the 2016 season and though I’d not really used it, did go nicely.  The TT500 had been picked cheaply from Huggy’s Speedshop in Atherstone and has a light restoration so I could use it in some hare and hounds and the like.

<img src =”https://goo.gl/photos/tbL8pWMJP7YK5xbR8″>





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