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  • SWM Spares List

    8 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    After an afternoon sorting out in the shed, have made a list of avaiable spares. I have pictures of them all and these will processed when I’ve got time
    SWM Trials 1978 - 83 (Guanaco, TL320) Spares
    Drop me an email to if you are interested in any of the items
    Rotax Engine Spares
    Barrel, 70.8mm SOLD
    Clutch, basket, plates & springs, complete useable
    Clutch, basket, plates & springs, needs cleaning up, useable
    Clutch bearings & spacers
    Clutch cover, good (...)

  • Classic Experts 2009

    8 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    It was a nice sunny morning, until I hit Newbridge on the A470 and the skies opened and it was with a backdrop of foreboding clouds that I entered Rhayader for the start of the Classic Experts. Though I’d entered for the clubman route (like for the previous 3 years, see the previous reports for 2006, 2007 & 2008) there are some places where there’s not much room for a deviation.
    Was a bit later than planned and with an early start number (in my case the earliest possible this year) for (...)

  • A Beta Twinshock in France

    5 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Stuart in France got in touch, after recently acquiring a fine a Beta TR240 twinshock
    With my own Beta looking a little tired after two years of road trials, it was nice to see some pictures of one recently acquired by Stuart in France. Beta TR240 With original Acerbis tank and nice (to be removed and saved) side panels
    Some comments (and history) in an email from him....
    did you know Sandifords were the first
    importers of the bike while Harglow inported all the spares. Sandiford (...)

  • An interesting email, a Gaunt Suzuki from the 60’s

    5 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Included in an email thread from Stuart in France, was his pictures of Peter Gaunt’s 1966 Suzuki that he rode in the Scottish that year. Gaunt Suzuki Not too many to these of a kind
    Excellent to see this; there was an article on the McLaren Suzuki in Classic Dirt Mike mag, with field testing by Mick Andrews. You also see an Alta Suzuki loitering around Rhayader either during the Classic Experts (there is a picture of it on the Arthur Bates review from (...)

  • And now, for something not quite completely different

    5 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Yes, I fancied something for long distance, trail bike, trials and that maybe more reliable (we’ll shall see)
    Ebay strikes again. Gas Gas Pampera Top of the Farnborough car park once again...
    Been thinking for a while of getting something a little more usable for general trials and though I sold my Beta REV3, I’d not been tempted by a modern trials bike since. Partly because the twinshock’s I’d ridden have been pretty relialble, but also partly because I like road trials and natural (...)

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