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  • First ride....

    1 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    My daughters first ride round the garden didn’t last too long
    It wasn’t the longest ride on Christmas morning, but managed to prove the strength and reliability of the Beta Minitrial 50cc twist-and-go.
    After a couple of controlled laps of the garden, a demonstration of stopping and going, my daughter got a rush of blood (and a bit too much right hand) took out the climbing frame. The remains of the climbing frame The bike (and Saffron) were in much better shape
    Not that it was a cheap (...)

  • Christmas Quiz 2009

    17 December 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    A 2009 Christmas Quiz; submissions by 12pm Dec 23rd and the winner to receive a t-shirt when i get them printed in the new year.
    For each of the 12 images, 1 mark for the make/model of the bike. 1 mark for the year of manufacture, 1 optional mark for any other useful.useless information on the rider, the bikeand obscure facts
    Some are easy, some not and all from my own camera, so it narrows it down a bit
    Have fun. Email your answers to Image (...)

  • John Langford Non-Expert Trial

    13 December 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Small entry, but good venue, good weather and refreshments....what more could you ask for !
    The venue at Rockyfold was used as part of the Trevor Hunt Trophy Trial back in September, but the venue played host to the John Langford non-expert trial, a charity event in aid of Pulmonary Hypertension. Malcolm Howells (who rides regularly with South Shropshire, Wye Valley and around), fiancee is a sufferer and the venue was the family farm, located up in Craswall (aka the middle-of-nowhere). (...)

  • Bultaco Model 80 Project: its for sale

    6 December 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    No real progress from Gavin on the project, so as per ’workshop’ rules, its time for it to move to a new home.
    ** It is now sold **
    The bike is 90% complete and the groundwork has been done in getting a ’shed’ into a useable bike.
    If Airfix made trials bikes, then this is how it would come. Whats included:
    M80 Frame, with yokes (the correct ones) M91 Alpina Frame, with yokes Front forks, in really good condition
    Wheels, with hubs. Correct and useable
    M80 engine cases, covers, barrel and (...)

  • Rockyfold: new venue for WVAC trials

    5 December 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Took the Pampera out to look at the new WVAC venue for trials, taking in a couple of lanes on the way
    Needless to say it was wet up in Craswell. Didn’t rain while we were there, but the ground is soaking and will make for an interesting trial next week. The CHG John Draper trial is a casualty for tomorrow and everywhere is currently soaked.
    Took the Pampera up and managed to take in an ascent of Hermit’s Lane (better performance than on the previous visit) and a descent of Shawl’s Lane on (...)

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