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  • MX250 strip

    14 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    Only had the bike a day, but time to strip it down and start the process of restoration.
    Whilst I’d worked out what was missing time to work out what was broken and needed fixing.
    The bike was wheeled up on the stand and whipped off the tank and exhaust fairly quickly. The exhaust system is complete, with the rear box and is in good condition with no corrosion. Not sure how the system is attached to the barrel but there was one spring holding it in place; no gasket etc,
    Joy of joys, the (...)

  • Ok, what is it and what year ? Also what do I need ?

    13 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    The detective work, both on what it is and where do i get what I need starts here.
    Engine Numbers
    First up, closer inspection of the engine numbers may show them to match, but for sure they aren’t original Yamaha numbers, Not-so subtle use of a file and poor aim with the number punches show the numbers on the bike ’3(or 5)15341045’ not to be related to any known Yamaha. Ah.
    There’s a good article with the Yamaha dirt bike engine number ranges which show that Yamaha 250 MX bikes should have (...)

  • A slightly different project, introducing a Yamaha MX 250

    10 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    What I think is a 1973 Yamaha MX250, though further investigation is needed to work out exactly which year.
    Picked up from Kevin’s collection of bikes of bikes in Tredgar and this was there next to an original (but pretty rotten) 1971 Honda XL 250 Motorsport, I bike I’ve also always fancied.
    However, with an interest in getting an early 70’s, preferably pre-74 motocrosser, the Yamaha was my target bike for the trip into the wintery wilderness of the Gwent valleys. Its a US import, thought (...)

  • What tyres for snow ?

    8 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    With the current ’coldest-since-1963’ winter conditions, no time to stop riding the bike. But what tyres to choose.
    The mixed conditions in Herefordshire (ie snow, ice and slush) means the biking is currently fun ! Whilst the KTM has stayed in the garage, the Pampera is an ideal tool for splat round the field or a trip into town or to the shops.
    Tyre choice is interesting, but i’ve ended up with an enduro rear and trials front, basically to get drive on snow and the packed snow on the (...)

  • Herefordshire Classic, Clyro Trial

    4 January 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    After missing out on trials over Christmas (a lot cancelled), braved the icy roads and sub-zero conditions to head over to Clyro for the Herefordshire Classic Trials Club event.
    Its an AMCA club, and only a tenner for entry. No observer, so riding as groups, but an excellent venue at Clyro in the woods behind the Baskerville Hotel. Its was cold and the car park a skating rink, but apart from the track, the sections benefited from tree cover and rode really well.
    Mark and Kevin were up (...)

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