KTM Adventure 990 / 2009 for sale

A UK spec, 2009 KTM 990 Adventure, with luggage an extras for sale.

– Registration: UK bike, first registered March 2009
– History: A KTM UK demonstrator (hence the Kettering reg number), which after 6 months, was sold by AMS Motorcycles, Tewkesbury (KTM dealer) to a garage salesman in Leominster (who runs a Royal Enfield dealership). I bought in from him in Sept 2010, with 4000 miles on the clock.
– Service History : 8000 mile (valve clearance etc) service done by Racing Centre Deurne (main Belgian KTM dealer) in Spring 2011. 12000 mile oil change done by me, using genuine parts in May. All filters and screens changed and oil tank drained.
– Mileage: Currently 12600 miles.
– Luggage : SW Motech racks and Trax Aluminum side cases, no top box (standard KTM rack). Excellent kit and better than the plastic KTM gobi cases. Lockable cases and racks.
– Other addons : SW Motech engine bars (fitted by me), along with fog lamps (not the retina burning type, good for being seen). Scott Oiler, with standard reservoir. Oxford heated grips.
– Tyres : Pirelli Scorpion AT’s front and rear useable (rear did 8000 and have spare front to be included with the bike).
– Usage: mainly on road, in UK, Ireland and Belgium in the last 12 months, not used at all this winter as laid up during house move. It does get used in rain, but hey, why own a bike otherwise.
– Condition: as with a used bike. Scott Oiler protects the LH exhaust as well as the chain and is messy, but chain life is excellent as a result. Some of the bolts are marked from road crap, which is a shame as older Adventures didn’t have this problem. Tool kit is complete, though has been used.

I’ve owned two Adventures since 2004 and they are great (oh and yes, apart from the icing issues, carb models were better !). The bike lives near Brecon, but will be out and about in UK and Belgium over the next couple of weeks, and can arrange to meet for a viewing. Will be London area next week (Thursday / Friday 5-6 July) and then later the following week.

Genuine reason for sale (*sigh*) and do need a bike, but will have to find something cheaper. Any further information needed then call me on +44 7720079845 or drop an email to malcolm@bwlch.net

Looking for something around £6900.







Yamaha MX360 (1973) for sale

from Steve

…Sorry To E-Mail you out of the blue,but I am thinking of selling the MX 360 i have recently finished restoring.I was wondering if you know of anybody that may be interested,bearing in mind your contacts.
I have attached a picture of it above .The thing is I have registered it for the road and I am finding a bit of a handfull on the tarmac ! -It is obviously an out and out racer and in all honestly I cannot see me using it like I thought.I am not interested in proper racing ,so I think it is proberly best I realise some value out of it.

1973 MX360

I will be looking for about £3.5K -As is an exceptional condition machine with very low hours on it.

Works I have done :

Frame/all black parts -2 Pack enamelled -Done by the guy who does all the work for Thwaites dumpers-so this pain is tough .

Engine :Very little required as all that had failed was the electronic ignition-this was removed and replaced with a normal magneto ignition -All engine cosmetically resored to original finishes -satin black,stainless fastners etc.

Seat recovered with correct Yamaha cover.

Rear Shocks -fully rebuilt with re-chromed springs
All other chromework replated.

Exhaust -original -repainted (no rust) -new Aluminium end can made & fitted.

All silver paintwork re-done by a friend of mine ,matched/applied to a very high standard.

All decals have been replaced to exact replica ,in terms of materials/colours -done by Sunrise Graphics

New Tyres fitted -Pirellis

Wheels repolished/New brake shoes fitted front/rear.

Anyway if anybody you could think of is interested ,perhaps you could give them my number,:07970055015

I am located in Rugby in Warwickshire ,
Hope you are well and enjoying your racing ,
Steve Gale

Beta TR240, sadly has..gone

Its a Beta TR240, circa 1983, and it has a 200cc reed valve engine. It’s been a brilliant bike and I’ve lost a lot less marks on this than on the SWMs I’ve had. More modern riding position, a great engine and loads of grip. The bike is road registered on a ‘B’ plate.

I bought the bike three years ago from my namesake, who had done some restoration work on the frame and cycle parts. The previous owner had had the engine rebuild by BVM and neither Malcolm nor I have really touched it. The only thing that I’ve done is replace the kickstart shaft with a better one I had in the spares collection.

Speaking of spares, the bike comes with an extensive set of spares (which are listed on the site), including a replacement engine and engine parts. There also parts from other early Beta’s in the collection. I’ve sold some of these over the last two years to other Beta twinshock owners and restorers. But what this means that the concerns potential owners may have over spares and the lack of them are therefore non-existent. I would like to sell this as a package.

The only problem with the bike, is that the Sammy Miller tank on the bike (which is chopped TY250 tank and seat unit) has been got at by ethanol. I’ve filled it with Aradite, but it really needs switching back to the original Acerbis plastic tank (which is included) or replacing with a Sammy Miller or Shedworks tank that fits. It also has a modified TY250 end can, which made a considerable different when i fitted it.

I also have a source for a complete set of replacement graphics for around £30.00 if you want to go for the concours, front-room positioning replacement

Please give me a call on 07720 079845 or email me on malcolm@hungerstone.net and I’m open to serious offers. I need the space, and also the funds at the moment.



Honda TL125 / XR200 ‘Metisse’

The frame was been modified, but done pretty well, with some decent laid down shocks and some frame mods to increase the clearance. Overall the mods do a lot to overcome some of the TL125 issues without the expense of a high-boy frame.

Honda TL / XR

The engine is from an XR200 (engine number confirms this) and pulls well (overcoming a lot of the 125 issues). First and second gears are low enough, though it hasn’t the close ratio of a TL125.

Sounds great, with a well built exhaust and goes well, with a good riding position for these bikes. The front forks have been uprated which also helps a lot for the average weight rider.

TL / XR bike

Call Malcolm on 07720 079845. A reasonable GBP 750.00. There’s a YouTube clip with the bike in action.

Ossa Gripper 250 1982

*its yellow, says 350 on the side panels, but is 250. Some 250’s were supplied in yellow, so we’ve been advised


The bike is road registered, on a X, and has very limited miles <500, and has all the original lighting kit and controls. The bike is immaculate, complete and engine is also excellent. Video of the bike at the Classic Experts trial. It is still in the same condition as it started and survived the rocks and streams.


For more information contact Kevin on +44 7930 180802, the bike is located in South Wales. £2300

KTM 950 Adventure Parts for sale

The bike was a black 2004 950 KTM carb model. The following parts are available

|Airbox|complete, with triangle side panels and a relatively (4k miles) new filter|£40|
|Bash plate|with plastic side panels, has small crack hence|£20|
|Brake master cylinder|With straight lever|SOLD|
|Battery box| including rubber for battery|£20|
|Battery box cover|both threads still intact|£35|
|Centre Stand|complete|SOLD|
|Console|complete with mounting frame|SOLD|
|Clutch slave cylinder|2008 replacement and improvement of original fitment|SOLD|
|Compartment Cover|for top compartment between fuel tank, some marks, not perfect|£10|
|Compartment tray|inside compartment liner|£10|
|CDI|Working and intact|SOLD|
|Engine Mounting Arms|Left and Right with bolts|£30|
|Exhaust pipe front header|some surface rust, but good condition|SOLD|
|Exhaust pipe rear| good condition|SOLD|
|Expansion tank|No leaks and complete|£20|
|Front Brake Calipers|Brembo with pads, okay condition|£30|
|Front sprocket cover|Good condition, with plenty of chain lube|£30|
|Front airduct|OK condition|£10|
|Front forks and yokes|Pair, but badly damaged, for components only|Offers|
|Fuel pump|including hoses (if needed)|SOLD|
|Fuel tank LHS|Nearside fuel tank, intact but bad scrape from crash impact|£40|
|Fuel tank RHS|Offside fuel tank, good condition|SOLD|
|Fuse Holder|Main fuse and relays|£10|
|Gear change level|Undamaged|SOLD|
|Handlebars|Renthal far bars, straight|SOLD|
|Handlebar clamps|Sorted and fine|SOLD|
|Ignition Coils/Plug Caps|Good working condition|£10|
|Number plate holder|black with reflector|£10|
|Pillion footrests|Left and Right|£15 each|
|Rear brake master cylinder|Factory replacement in 2009, warranty/recall item, with sensor and brake cable|SOLD|
|Rear brake caliper|Good condition|SOLD|
|Rear subframe|Dirty, but complete and undamaged|£50|
|Rear wheel|Complete with disk (plenty of wear), sprocket and a 50% worn Pirelli Scorpion|SOLD|
|Rear brake lever|undamaged, good condition|SOLD|
|Rear wheel spindle| with adjusters and nuts|£20|
|Regulator|working, with connectors|SOLD|
|Side Panels|Left and right, black with orange decals, 2004 model|SOLD|
|Switch gear, LH|Working|SOLD|
|Swingarm Bolt|good condition|£10|
|Swingarm|Plastic chainguard broken, but good condition|SOLD|
|Tail Light Unit|Undamaged, with lighting wires and connector|£40|
|Throttle Cable|complete|SOLD|
|Wiring Loom|complete, with fuse board, horn etc attached|SOLD|

All prices are exclusive of postage, please give me a call or email to work out delivery or collection

Breaking a 2004 KTM Adventure 950

The front wheel didn’t make it back from Copart, though they did deliver it back as asked and requested. The main bits for breaking
– engine, around 40k miles, 1 owner from new (me) and a full service history. Serviced less that 1,000 miles before the crash and the only issue was that there was the signs of some wear in the booster clutch.
– new Fuel exhaust rear pipes, less than 2k miles. As well as new mid pipes as the hangers had corroded on the old pipes
– the fuel tanks are marked, but intact.
– plenty of other cycle parts, the front yokes are broken and the forks are only good for spares.

I’ll be listing parts on ebay and my upcoming bike parts website, but let me know if have an advanced interest.
malcolm@hungerstone.net , tel 07720 079845

SWM 320 TL For Sale

Time to sell one of the bike collection, my underused 1980 SWM. It’s got the best Rotax engine I’ve had in a SWM and apart from one flywheel issue and a propensity to blow condensors (both solved) its been very reliable. The bike was originally sold by Peter Jerred to a competitor in the 1980 SSDT and is road registered. Its not the tidiest bike, but is complete. It has replacement Betor rear shocks and some tyres with a good amount of tread. I used it to compete in the 2006 Sammy Miller Series and it was by Gavin my neighbour for a couple of the 2007 rounds.

You can see (and hear) it at the 2006 Classic Experts . Its hardly been used since then.

At it is currently the last SWM I have (having owned 8-10 over the last 5 years) I also have a collection of spares (pictures below) . The list of spares needs amending as some items have been sold.

Looking for £1250 for everything, but could sell spares and bike individually. There are also some frames which I’d include.

Give me a call on 07720 079845












Yamaha MX250 Spares

List of Yamaha MX250 spares, I’ve not listed any prices, but please get in touch on 07720 079845 for more info.

|Mikuni Carb 30mm internal inlet diameter, used (gunky) but complete and will clean up.|IMG_0561.jpg|
|Seat Base, foam decayed and will need replacing, but base in good condition|IMG_0567.jpg|
|Wheels, front and rear, couple of broken spokes and a dent in the front rim that may knock out. Hubs not too work and useable|IMG_0568.jpg|
|Throttle body and cable, original in worn state|IMG_0570.jpg|
|Rear Shocks, original. Work and not too untidy|IMG_0571.jpg|
|Crankshaft Bearings and Seals, used but not worn, just replaced them anyway whilst doing little-end|IMG_0572.jpg|
|Throttle Body and Cable, also used | IMG_0573.jpg |
|Clutch Cable, used | IMG_0574.jpg|
|CDI unit, working| IMG_0575.jpg|
|Assorted fastners, for the original finish|IMG_0576.jpg|
|Rear brake plate, with arm and rear wheel spindle | IMG_0578.jpg|
|Front wheel spindle|IMG_0579.jpg|
|Front brake plate, no brake arm|IMG_0582.jpg|
|Front forks, complete. Some marking on tubes, where they sit between yokes where someone tried to weld on a bracket|IMG_0583.jpg|
|Plastics, faded due to Californian sun no doubt|IMG_0584.jpg|
|Yoke, top and bottom, with nuts but no bearings|IMG_0586.jpg|
|Autolube pump and tank, with hole in it|IMG_0588.jpg|
|Decompressor lever and cable|IMG_0589.jpg|
|Another set of rear shocks, more corrosion on springs of this set|IMG_0590.jpg|
|Exhaust, not including tail pipe, some surface corrosion but very useable|IMG_0592.jpg|
|Handlebars, period set in useable condition|IMG_0593.jpg|
|Frame and engine bottom end, without clutch side. Frame has correct 1974 numbers, whilst 60% of engine bottom end is there, needs stripping|IMG_0593.jpg|