Bultaco Model 80 Project: its for sale

No real progress from Gavin on the project, so as per ‘workshop’ rules, its time for it to move to a new home.

** It is now sold **

The bike is 90% complete and the groundwork has been done in getting a ‘shed’ into a useable bike.

If Airfix made trials bikes, then this is how it would come. Whats included:

M80 Frame, with yokes (the correct ones)
M91 Alpina Frame, with yokes
Front forks, in really good condition
– Wheels, with hubs. Correct and useable
– M80 engine cases, covers, barrel and head
– New gasket kit, ready for re-build
– New brake shoes, front and rear
– New piston and rings
– Spare barrel, from M91 Alpina
– Rebuilt and balanced crank
– new piston and rings
– complete new set of bearings and seals
– correct exhaust system (for M80) in good condition
– rechromed mudguard stays, new chrome front mudguard
– electrical system, including stator plate and ignition coil
– full parts catalogue with exploded diagrams

The obvious things you are going to need are:
– new tank seat unit; these can be obtained from Dave Renham (Bultaco UK) or from Sammy Miller, depending on your pursuit of the genuine completed article.
– carb, can supply a Dellorto, but should (I think) be Amal MkII (someone out-there can confirm this)
– bolts for rebuild; replacement Allen head bolts to replace the original posi’s make a lot of sense.

The perfect M80 in kit form; make the concours bike for the front room and a ready-to-trial machine.

Honest Gavin
A Model 80 Bultaco
New Chrome Mudguards
Engine spares
Spare Barrel
Crank, rebuilt
New bearings, seals and piston (w/rings)
New Gasket set

National Road Rally

Entering the National Road Rally may not be the best thing we’ve ever decided to do, but why not (?)

The National Road Rally is an annual event run by the ACU for any motorcyclists. Its a ‘scatter rally’ where you can choose to ride a distance of your choice (between 180 -> 540 miles in this case) visiting a number of checkpoints from the 100 or so around the UK.

The aim is to complete the mileage for the route you’ve chose to attempt, within the time limit and by visiting control points in an order based on the schematic route map. (ie neighbouring check points). The mileage between each point may not be the actual road mileage, but is the one you use in calculating and then riding.

There are 7 riders from Red Hat (and associates) and we’re currently in two teams

|Rider No| Name | Bike | Comment |
|473|Roger Nunn | Yamaha XJ750 Seca (1985)| Very recent purchase from ebay, with leather bag on front forks. A very worrying development in bike purchasing|
|474|Malcolm Herbert|Honda XLV600H Transalp (1987)|Bought from a very shady character via ebay in 2008, 4000 miles in (and a trip to Scotland) its developed a total loss oil system recently|
|477|Graham Lee-Green|2008 KTM 640 Supermoto|Goes round corners as quickly as it goes through tyres|
|491|Gavin Spurgeon|Honda Goldwing|Despite being under 30, Gavin rides (or is it drives) a bike with stereo, reverse gear and a barbeque|
|501|Jon Fautley|Suzuki SV650|Passed his test in 2008 and will probably double his personal bike riding mileage on this event|
|502|Daniel Stifft|BMW F800|Seen the bike outside the office once|
|504|Richard Barbosa|Triumph 955i Daytona|Occasional visitor to the office but possibly will be the quickest bike at the event|

There are still a couple of possible entrants, and it would be good to get a 3rd team. Myself, Roger and Graham are riding as Wye Valley AC and Jon, Daniel and Gavin as Red Hat UK.

We’ve all entered for the main event (despite some saying that they wouldn’t) which involves a series of special tests at MIRA on the Saturday morning, followed by a 2pm start on the rally itself. It will be a 540 mile route, as many check points as possible along with an arrival at Bletchley Park by 10am on the Sunday morning.

Could be a long day.

We’ll be riding for charity and I’ve set up a JustGiving web page for the event. We’ll be supporting Diabetes UK and all donations welcome.

The ebay project continues

After some soul searching…and inspection of the wallet, Gavin’s ebay project continues

After some helpful comments on Trials Central it turns out whilst the engine is from a Model 80, circa 1971, the frame is most likely from a later Sherpa.

Gavin has braved ebay once again and found a conrod, big end kit the process of restoration is underway. With the challenge thrown down by Woody to complete the bike for the 1st Sammy Miller round in Devon on March 9th, time and parts availability is against him.

Crank with new conrod

The gear cluster is slightly worn, and though expert advice from Dave Renham did advise that the tolerances would be fairly slack, the gear shafts are clearly very worn.

Gear cluster

Some other contacts for the correct frame and bottom yoke are forthcoming and also some calls to Brian Griffiths in nearby Peterchurch. The project is looking like being a bit of a challenge and Gavin has now been quoted as saying “buy a complete working price that you can take straight to a trial” to anybody who is listening.

Therefore currently looking for a frame (there is one nicely painted for part-ex), engine spares, bottom yoke and other Model 80 spares.

Some you win…..

Gavin parted with an undisclosed amount of cash on eBay for his latest project. After the recent completion on his Montessa 247 project, the recent purchase was collected from ‘somewhere in the South East’ and brought back to darkest Herefordshire.

As any bike restorer (or even purchase of second had bike) knows, the first inspection back in the shed can cover all emotions, including the sh*t ones.

Gavin came round to announce his new purchase had arrived, so there followed an immediate trip to his workshop. It confirmed some of the trials of tribulations of those Sunday night eBay purchase (with beer fuelled mouse fingers).

The Bultaco

The bike is somewhere between rolling chassis and a box of bits. On the good side the frame is complete and has been painted. The forks are in good condition, as the wheel rims. Based on some photos in an article in Classic Dirt Bike magazine , it seems the bottom yoke is wrong (it doesn’t match the gnarling on the forks) and that the rear wheel spokes are wrong (the spokes should be different lengths for each side).

Somebody had made a start on this as a project, but hadn’t got very far.

Piston and Crank

The tank and seat unit and come in to contact with a lot of fibreglass in attempt to fix it. Needless to say its completely knackered and will need a replacement. The frame and engine numbers don’t match and need to do some research on what the numbers were originally from. [[Engine M 8000651, Frame B9100276]]


The engine cases are together, with the gears, but thats it. The crank and piston are not in the engine and both are also not usable. It seems some form of major catastrophe has befallen the engine at some point, though it seems the piston would have met its nemesis in a completely different engine, as its doesn’t fit into the barrel. There is no big end with the bike, so seems to hint as its vapourisation as some point. There is a large hole in the right-hand crankcase cover.

The proud new owner, still smiling....

The question is now whether the bike is restorable [[Though restoration would probably require more original components]] or whether its a question of finding another Model 80 and using this a donor, or just sell off the parts.

There is a positive side to this bike, though currently neither Gavin or I are actually sure what it is yet. We both agree its this type (and vintage) are ideal for the Sammy Miller series.