What tyres for snow ?

With the current ‘coldest-since-1963’ winter conditions, no time to stop riding the bike. But what tyres to choose.

The mixed conditions in Herefordshire (ie snow, ice and slush) means the biking is currently fun ! Whilst the KTM has stayed in the garage, the Pampera is an ideal tool for splat round the field or a trip into town or to the shops.

Snow, dark and -10 C

Tyre choice is interesting, but i’ve ended up with an enduro rear and trials front, basically to get drive on snow and the packed snow on the untreated rodes. The Michelin trials front steers okay, but still quick to wash out on the roads. Keeping your hand off the front brake is also essential and the good thing about the Pampera is a useable rear (ie disk).

A spot of lunch

Rather than enjoying the delights of the lunchtime news, thought I’d do a quick circuit of the lanes around home

So the Pampera was fired up and found some overtrousers and some bike kit and set of. Off via Kingstone and then up through Vowchurch and Turnastone (which still has the petrol pumps outside the house) and up to the start of Hermit’s Lane.

Start of Hermit's Lane

Despite the ‘road legal ?’ knobblies the bike handles okay on the tarmac and buzzes along like all good 2-strokes should. No working speedo, so not sure the mph, but nothing too quick, around the 40 mph on the B-road.

Hermit’s is about 1/2 mile long and from the start drops down to a waterfall then up into the lane itself. Plenty (see piccie) of water coming down the lane and a sporting start across the ford.


The lane is used as part of the Trevor Hunt Trophy trial and the Pampera may short work of most of it, despite the mouldy leaves and rock steps exposed by the water. I didn’t clean it, but didn’t get stuck. A 3, but not a 5. What you notice is how light the bike is when you’ve got to move it around (I lined it up to take the step in the ford). That was enjoyable and wouldn’t fancy anything like an XR400 on it.

Back round via Newton St Margarets and Abbey Dore, all within an hour. Maybe Hill Lane for my next work from home lunch break 🙂

Back, after an hour

No real problems with the Pampera, though the rear brake disappeared whilst descending the hill into Abbey Dore (flapping pedal) only to re-appear a couple of minutes later. Interesting feature.

And now, for something not quite completely different

Yes, I fancied something for long distance, trail bike, trials and that maybe more reliable (we’ll shall see)

Ebay strikes again.

Gas Gas Pampera

Been thinking for a while of getting something a little more usable for general trials and though I sold my Beta REV3, I’d not been tempted by a modern trials bike since. Partly because the twinshock’s I’d ridden have been pretty relialble, but also partly because I like road trials and natural sections that don’t involve hopping

Out of the van

So, with this in mind the Gas Gas Pampera / Beta Alp / Yamaha XT225 Serow / Honda CRF 230 (*delete where applicable) decision making process, but plumped for the more trial orientated trail bike, rather than trail orientated.

..and the stand.

Full review to come, on how the bike is set up etc, but it starts first kick and manages to get up and down the car (the steps, rather than the ramps, that is)