All going a bit Swedish

The Husky was basically in ready-to-race shape and after buying it from DK Spares, he’d powder coated the frame and had the engine rebuilt. Both have been done well, though I decided to put some period style mudguards on it, given I was in the US and local DC Plastics make it reasonable.


The tyres are an odd fitment and the 120/100 on the rear is too tall and nearly too wide, so will probably look at a 110/90 instead, but given they are pretty new seems a shame to change it.

Always good buying at the end of the season, as you can usually scrape a deal together (cash talks when you are in someones garage chewing the fat over a bike), though there is disappointment that you’ve got to wait 5-6 months before Spring when you can go out and race it.

Looking forward to it though !