TY175, do I like it ?

Firstly riding the event without checking the bike out, or riding an easier trial wasn’t probably the best thing to do, but it gave me a chance to see what I think of the bike.

Yamaha TY175

The bike had a few problems with starting and running cleanly during the trial, but this is something a good check over and service wouldn’t solve. Whilst it felt like a carb / fueling issue it might have been a problem with the HT lead and plug cap.

Anyway, I’m not the first to make a list of TY175 issues and potential modifications, but thoughts so far:

– bars and controls: Amal throttle is a bit lacklustre so may change for a Domino. Clutch seems fine and the brakes need to checked as could be better. The bars have a low bend, and they need to be higher (also see footrests).
– exhaust: nothing seems to be wrong with the exhaust, but i like the look of the WES front pipe and mid-box (see Sammy Miller Products ). Terry’s Whitehawk he used at the Classic Experts had this and it looked and sounded good.
– suspension : front forks seems okay, but need to set up for my weight. Rear shocks look like Betor’s and again seem adequate.
– ignition : seems strange that my 1973 MX is CDI, when the 81 TY is points. That said, despite the raid desire to switch to electronic, the spark on the bike is good and like the SWM you just need to be careful in inspecting and checking the points. Oh, and carry a spare condensor.
– footrests : too high currently and need to modify these to get behind the bars more. The current footrests are good and a spare set of plates will make it easier to do this.
– engine, top end : okay you could go for a 200cc kit, much discussed though the debate is out on the benefits. Not a top priority for me. The bike had enough for the Classic Experts, but would struggle on some big hills for sure. I liked the idea that I had only 1 choice of gear for everything, bottom.
– swingarm : a known mod is to add an inch (30mm) to the swingarm length to give more ability of the climbs. This makes a lot of sense and given a spare swingarm, is a mod I’ll make.

No doubt I’ll thing of some more things but for now I like the bike and it does what’s required. Also unlike the MX’s I like the idea of a UK imported bike, cheap spares (piston and rings for under £40.00) and a lot of choice,

Another bike, another Yamaha

Unlike the MX and SC series of motocross bikes, the TY175 was a perennial favourite in the UK, especially for the beginners and those of a small (and lighter) disposition. I managed to come up with an excellent ruse for the purchase (it involved the bike insurance after the incident on the KTM I needed to get a pre-81 bike to keep my classic bike policy valid).

TY175, another trials classic

Seen the bike on ebay during the week, and it so happened to be located less than two miles from the house. After a quick bid before nipping out to see the mother-in-law (who’s broken her arm quite badly; there’s no justice given that my recent bike incident left me with only a sprained wrist), I came back to find myself the proud new owner. Always fancied one, especially during my Honda TL125 phase, as I though it could be a good comparison.

The bikes got matching frame and engine numbers, runs well, with only a slight hint on the usual Yamaha rattle. It’s got a Sammy Miller tank/seat unit, which given I’d just discovered the misfortune of ethanol in fuel and its effect on my Beta fibreglass tank , makes me slightly nervous.

The bike has good clearance (higher than than on my TL320 SWM), is short in wheelbase, has good tyres and a recent powder coat on the frame. The footrests are high, and perched above the bars you realise how small the bike is. With the current Beta problems, the question is, do I use the TY in the coming weekends Classic Experts trial ?

Just found a TY175 manual online at www.trialsport.com.au/TY175/ .