Yamaha TY250, another Yamaha

It’s in good condition and well looked after by Neil (its previous owner) and the only issue (for me anyway) is that its not road registered.

Matching frame and engine numbers and also a nice Sammy Miller tank and seat unit (unaffected by ethanol it seems). The engine has had a recent rebuild and starts and runs nicely. The TY250 is a completely different bike from the TY175, a lot longer and heavier and rides and turns completely differently.

There are some nice features, including matching frame and engine numbers, stainless front exhaust and modified (to the right place) footrests.

Yamaha TY250 (1978)

Runs well, with a recent engine rebuild

At the time of writing I’ve not yet trialled the bike, as snow has taken out all the local trials. Hopefully 2/Jan back at Clyro will be the next running event.

I’ve sent an email to Yamaha UK Customer services and the dating letter (for 1978) is on its way. Given the sub zero temperatures in the shed and the ongoing SC500 work, I’ve not really had the chance to give the bike the once over, but all seems good.