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Beta TR240 (1983)

Latest update : 7 November 2010.

The rare Beta 240 twinshock, from 1983

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  • Ethanol in fuel means goo

    7 November 2010, by Malcolm Herbert

    Started checking out the Beta in preparation for the upcoming Classic Experts Trail and ah.....there Sammy Miller tank and seat unit has failed.

  • A Beta Twinshock in France

    5 November 2009, by Malcolm Herbert

    Stuart in France got in touch, after recently acquiring a fine a Beta TR240 twinshock
    With my own Beta looking a little tired after two years of road trials, it was nice to see some pictures of one recently acquired by Stuart in France.
    Some comments (and history) in an email from him....
    did you know Sandifords were the first
    importers of the bike while Harglow inported all the spares. Sandiford
    did’nt keep it long and I told David Weatherill to take on Beta when his son
    was a (...)

  • Passing the Scruitineer....

    14 August 2008, by Malcolm Herbert

    At the Ilkley Trial, the scruitineer rightly picked up on a few loose spokes in the rear wheel. This turned out to be more that just a few (lets say 40%...) and with the nipples being rusty and worn, simply tightening them wasn’t an option
    Basically the wheels needed to be re-spoked. Mark mentioned that was a guy in Bedwas (near Caerphilly) who’d done some wheels for him, so I dropped them down their on the way to Cardiff for a meeting. Day later, got a phone call to say that the wheels had (...)

  • Beta TR240 Twinshock

    29 October 2007, by Malcolm Herbert

    Its not an SWM, but its still Italian and too good an opportunity to miss.
    The latest acquisition isn’t an SWM I know and maybe I’m getting fed up with holes in clutch covers and that kickstart design. However its still Italian and in this case pretty stylish.
    The main thing you notice is the weight of the bike; its a lot less than the SWM Jumbo and less than the SWM TL320. This is mainly down to what seems a smaller frame and a much smaller power unit.
    The engine is a Beta designed and (...)